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News from Amakusa police station traffic section xtra (about on-the-street parking measures)

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○About on-the-street parking measures

 On-the-street parking obstructs flow of traffic, and car

Of this for both sides of driver and walker blind spot

It, too with hotbeds of traffic accident for making


 At Amakusa police station, it is illegal parking control action program

Based on this, emphasis line and particular emphasis area with cancellation

We perform the control that we did and promote on-the-street parking measures

We are doing.

 chushai which is seen well in Amakusa police station jurisdiction

As published case which anti-became, with reference

Please be had.

 In addition, it is violated parking violation and parking and stopping as well as this

If it becomes and substitutes this for garage on road,

Law (the popular name garage method) about car storage area

kuda to be careful about as it may become violation


Guidelines map

Parking and stopping
 Case (parking and stopping is prohibited in) which becomes violation (PDF: 277.9 kilobytes) We open with the other window

 Case (no parking) which becomes violation (PDF: 211.6 kilobytes) We open with the other window


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