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Traffic accident occurrence situation map

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Traffic accident occurrence situation map

  •  To provide the traffic accident occurrence situation of whole prefecture more clearly, and to do with support to road safety activity,
  • We publish "traffic accident occurrence situation map".

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  • ○Indication contents
  •  Of the human body traffic accident that occurred in the past 3 years in the prefecture
  • The "scene" "outbreak age" "outbreak moon" "outbreak time" "day" "weather"
  • "Accident contents" "accident classification" "jurisdiction police station" "jurisdiction police box" "elementary school precinct"
  • We display this on the map.

    ○The use guide

  •  Traffic accident occurrence situation map (PDF: 581 kilobytes) We open with the other window
  • There are functions such as the scene indication, condition narrowing.
  • There are functions such as the scene indication, graph indication.


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