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Kumamoto Police headquarters Twitter operational regulations

                                    September 19, 2013
                               The Kumamoto Police headquarters traffic Planning Division

1 purpose
 We establish these operational regulations about matter about operation of Twitter account (@ yuppi_KK) of the Kumamoto Police headquarters.
2 basic policies
 @ yuppi_KK is only for information dispatch. As a general rule, we do not perform replies.
 * Please contact nearest police station, police box, police box whether various consultation for the police connects with applicable department through representative of Kumamoto Police headquarters (096-381-0110).
 * Please inform emergency call to the police or nearest police station, police box, police box of case, accident.
 * Because this account is operated by system of Twitter company, we cannot answer about technical inquiries such as usage or function at all either.
3 modi operandi
 @ It is decided that the staff of the Kumamoto Police headquarters traffic Planning Division operates yuppi_KK as follows.
 (1) Operational form
   We have trial with managing.
 (2) Information to send
   We assume information about the police activity of the Kumamoto Police.
 (3) Follow of other accounts and retweet
   As a general rule, we shall not perform follow of other accounts and retweet.
 (4) The closure of account
   When it is necessary, this account may be closed down without prior contact.
 (5) Dispatch time
   It is decided that information sends between principle, 8:30 a.m. on weekdays and 5:00 p.m.
4 operational prescribed common knowledge, changes
 We may change these operational regulations without notice as needed.
In that case, we tweet that we changed through @ yuppi_KK and post new operational regulations on the Kumamoto Police headquarters homepage.


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