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With 1 police station meeting

As for police station meeting, the chief constable listens to opinion of inhabitants about duties of police station and explains process of work of police station and is place requesting understanding and cooperation. Pursuant to the provision of Police Act, it was installed in each prefectural bottom police station from June 1, 2001. 



The number of 2 meeting committee member capacity                                      

Police station meeting name

The number of the committee members     

Kumamoto south, Kumamoto east, Kumamoto north Goshi     

12 people

Kumamoto center, Yatsushiro     

Ten people


Eight people

Tamana, Otsu     

Seven people

Arao, Yamaga, Mifune, Hitoyoshi, Amakusa    

Six people

Kikuchi, small country, Aso, Takamori, Yamato, Ashikita, Minamata, Taragi, Kamiamakusa, Ushibuka    Five people 


3 committee member constitution

The Kumamoto Public Safety Commission commissions committee member from inhabitants who live in jurisdiction of each police station or have work location. We come to be able to make the reappointment (up to six years) to twice in two years for term of committee member.


It is 158 total number of committee members> as of <June 1, 2019                           

・Men and women

  70 88 male women


・The generation distinction









 Four people

 Seven people

22 people 

53 people 

57 people 

 14 people



・The field distinction

Jurisdiction company


Person concerned with education 

The medical welfare

The person concerned   

Local public entity

The person concerned

Residents' association

The person concerned

Probation officerThe judicial officer person concerned

Road safety activity

 Person concerned with group 


73 people

   25 people

18 people

Nine people

  Two people  Three people    One    Two people  25 people

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