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mimbo study aid (gang measures)

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Let's promote exercise +1 that does not have violence exile three!

 It is ... with "three exercise +1 that there is not"

For gang exile, it is exercise that ourselves keep in mind.

We send social enemy, gang by power of all, and let's organize bright town.



Thing, that which gang is afraid of are "courage" not to be afraid of your gang.

It is the best method to repulse gang that makes "consultation" early in the nearest police station.



27 acts that are prohibited in anti-gangster law Article 9

It is forbidden member of designated gang showing power with so-called anti-gangster law, and performing the following act.
When we receive such an act, let's repulse with courage.

PDF (we extract from "bookmark of people violence consultation") (PDF: 175.2 kilobytes)

One point advice!

When there is empty claim from gang,

At first, it is confirmed partner 1

Confirmation of 2 demand contents

Early report to 3 police, immediate consultation


It is important to carry out these three points.



Consultation about gang

The Kumamoto Police headquarters crown side organized crime measures section

   Telephone (096) 381-0110


(public interest incorporated foundation) Kumamoto violence exile campaign promotion center

  Consultation telephone (096) 382-0333


 Or, to the nearest police station, please feel free to contact.



(public interest incorporated foundation) About Kumamoto violence exile campaign promotion center 

For citizens of the prefecture confronting gang, we carry out various activities.

 For more details, to homepage

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The Kumamoto Police headquarters crown side organized crime measures section
6-18-1, Suizenji, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi
Telephone: 096-381-0110
(ID: 345)
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