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Introduction of Minamata police station

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Minamata police station

3-1, Hibarigaoka, Minamata-shi
Telephone (0966) 62-0110




   Minamata police station is located at the southernmost tip of Kumamoto, East-West about 22 kilos of Minamata-shi and Tsunagi-machi, Ashikita-gun, north and south about 19. We have jurisdiction over 5 kilos, total area about 197 square kilometers, about 14,000 households, about 30,000 people. In the jurisdiction, the western whole area is area full of nature facing Yatsushiro Sea (the marine bioluminescence sea) among mountain and hills in Mikata.
  "Yunotsuru Onsen" prospers for a long time each as hot spring resort with "Yunoko Onsen" in the sea on mountain and, also, does well by hairtail fishing off Yatsushiro Sea (the marine bioluminescence sea) for the holiday making period in autumn from spring. Weak rageta onion "salad onion" is famous by bitterness for salad as special product.








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Police station Minamata police station
Minamata-shi skylark ka hill 3-1
Telephone: 0966-62-0110
(ID: 363)
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