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Progress of Kumamoto Police police box, police box functional enhancement promotion basics plan

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At 1 beginning

 Because area (called "person in charge of ward" as follows.) that elementary school precinct and activity area (called "elementary school precincts" as follows.) and police box, police box of residents' association take charge of plans functional enhancement of police box, police box while community and cooperation such as the local government or volunteer group push forward various approaches that collaborated because integration and abolition of elementary and junior high school advance by progress of declining birthrate while there is the situation that does not agree, and governorate largely changes by large merger of Heisei, and the need to review placement of police box, police box and the way of person in charge of ward increased, about "Kumamoto Police police box, police box functional enhancement promotion basics plan" (called "basic plan" as follows.), the prefectural police devises basic plan for the "bodily sensation peace and order" that citizens of the prefecture are keenly aware of improvement in June, 2009 and is promoting work for the realization.

 In the basic plan, we said, "we decide to perform review that was necessary each time by security situation and environmental change about these contents" while it looked like it and, in addition, decided to be to pass, and to show more than five years to citizens of the prefecture about the realization situation of basic plan that we performed so far at this time from development as follows, and to do.



2 state of implementation

(1) Of elementary school precincts and person in charge of ward adjust

"Elementary school precincts" to advocate in the left column of basic plan table 2 have been realized on March 1, 2010 so that "police box, police box" of the table right column takes charge each.


(2) Functional enhancement of police box, police box

Progress of "functional enhancement of police box, police box" to advocate in basic plan table 3 is street of separate table.

The details

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