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About the use of contents of "the Kumamoto Police homepage"

 As for the information (called "contents" as follows.) that is released on the Kumamoto Police homepage, the following adaptation that reproduction, public transmission, translation transform according to 6 from 1 is available in anyone freely. Commercial use is possible, too. In addition, as digital data, brief table, graph are not objects of copyright, there is not application of this use rule about these and is available freely.

 In use of contents, we consider that we agreed to this use rule.


About mention of 1 source

 (1) When you use contents, please list the source. Mention methods of the source are as follows.
   (source mention example)
   ○ The source: Homepage (URL of the page concerned) of the Kumamoto Police
   ○ The source: About "trend of ◯◯ and ○○ situation" (the Kumamoto Police) (URL of the page concerned)
 (2) When editing, processing does contents and uses, separately from the source mentioned above, please list that you performed editing, processing. Feeling still machined editing

  You must not have public announcement, the use of report in aspect which the Kumamoto Police seemed to make.
   (mention example when we edit contents and process and use)
   ○ We process (the Kumamoto Police) (URL of the page concerned) about "trend of ◯◯ and ○○ situation" and make
   ○ It is △△ making about "trend of ◯◯ and ○○ situation" based on (the Kumamoto Police) (URL of the page concerned)


Please do not violate 2 incumbrance

 (1) In contents, third party may have copyright or other rights.
   Contents that contents and third party whom third party has copyright have right (e.g.,: right of likeness in photograph, the publicity right) except copyright

  When you are assigned to this, except thing that it is shown clearly in particular that it is right processing finished, please get authorization to exploit from the third party concerned by responsibility of user.
 (2) About thing which third party has right in contents, third party is indication ・ in having right by notation of the source directly or indirectly

  There is thing suggesting, but there is thing which does not perform identification, clear statement of part which third party has right definitely. When use; responsibility of user

  Please confirm in the job.
   (example when we show third party has a right and suggest)
   ○ "◯◯ report" □* Making
     ※ □□We forbid to use for this by reproduction, reproduction without permission.
   ○ [image, poster in homepage] Material offer:□□
     ※ It is forbidden to convert a part of this text or all without permission except exception on Copyright Act.
   (engine, group names except the □□: Kumamoto Police)
 (3) When even if is contents that third party has copyrights, is available without consent such as copyright holders including accepted quotation in Copyright Act; gaarima



About contents that use of three rule is not applied to

 About the following contents, it is inapplicable to this use rule.
 (1) Emblem, logo, character design which express organization and specific business

 (2) Contents that show application of another use rule clearly with explanation of concrete and rational grounds



About 4 governing laws and jurisdiction by agreement

 (1) This use rule is interpreted based on the laws of Japan.
 (2) Organization where we release contents pertaining to the dispute concerned or the use rule to about dispute about the use of contents by this use rule and this use rule

  We assume district court having jurisdiction over the location of this exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first trial.



About 5 immunity from responsibility

 (1) About all acts (include using information that edit contents, and processed.) that user performs using contents in the Kumamoto Police any responsibility

  We do not suffer. 
 (2) We change contents without notice, and deletion may be carried out.



6 and others

 (1) It does not limit this use rule about the use such as accepted quotation in copyright.
 (2) This use rule is based on the government standard Terms of Use (second .0). This use rule may be changed in future. It is already the government standard Terms of Use

  When we use contents according to former version of this, the condition is applied sequentially.

 (3) Indication 4.0 international of Commons license creative as for this use rule With new window(external link)

  Use of copyright consent condition provided by this. It is called "CC BY" as follows and is compatible with) and is that contents that this use rule is applied to follow CC BY

  We can use this.




Link policy

・ We have you set link to the Kumamoto Police homepage freely and shine and support, and there are none. But content to be against laws and ordinances and public order and morals in site of origin of link

 In cases that I judged to spoil case to be included and credit of the Kumamoto Police, I may decline link.
・ When it is set link, please show that it is link to the Kumamoto Police homepage clearly.
・ When it is set link, please do not do setting that the Kumamoto Police homepage is incorporated in all over other websites.

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