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The Kumamoto Police musical band works as "go-between of sound" concluding the police with citizens of the prefecture in performance while working at the police headquarters and police station. 

We plan in future performance  ・Activities photograph  ・About dispatch application


We plan in future performance


Event name


There is no dispatch plan in April



※ Due to various circumstances cancellation please note that may be changed.



Activities photograph

Kawachi20,190,702 light exercise (Kumamoto-shi)

April 6, 2019 Kawachi public hall citizen class free university opening of a course type


July 2, 2019 69th "exercise Kumamoto promotion meeting to light society"
20,190,708 light exercise (Oguni-machi small country Junior High School gymnasium)20190713 triangle concerts

July 8, 2019 69th "exercise promotion committee meeting to light society"


July 13, 2019 4 corps joint triangle concert       
20190803 sanriku music festival 201920190809 marching Festival

August 3, 2019 sanriku music festival 2019


August 9, 2019 46th Kumamoto marching Festival       
Lose strength, and see 20190904; nursery school20190905 second kindergartens "concert reliable security"

On September 4, 2019, lose strength, and see; nursery school "security, reliable concert"


Kindergarten "concert second on September 5, 2019 reliable security"  
20190906 security, reliable concert20190908 reiwagennendorajikuuyamairokai, stage presentation

September 6, 2019 security, reliable concert     


September 8, 2019 nichireiwagennendorajikuuyamairokai, stage presentation
Grow with 20191016 oldness, and give life; university20190926 Shangdong etoko festival

Grow with oldness on October 16, 2019, and give life; university 


October 26, 2019 Shangdong etoko festival
20191101 30th Kumamoto violence exile citizen of the prefecture meeting in GoshiGathering of the 31st Shimizu area citizens

Citizens of November 1, 2019 30th Kumamoto violence exile meeting in Goshi


Gathering of November 2, 2019 31st Shimizu area citizens
Baby sitting song Festival of 20191109 31st Itsuki20191115 Hiyoshi east Elementary School "security, reliable concert"

Baby sitting song Festival of November 9, 2019 31st Itsuki


November 15, 2019 Hiyoshi east Elementary School "security, reliable concert"
20191116 Yamato-cho welfare FestivalSchool festival of 2019 water sources food

The November 16, 2019 Yamato-cho welfare Festival


School festival of November 24, 2019 water source meal
Concert of the first anniversary of the image of 20191128 rufi setting20191205 Oama Elementary School "security, reliable concert"

Concert of the first anniversary of the image of rufi setting on November 28, 2019


December 5, 2019 Oama Elementary School "security, reliable concert"
20191211 ryokugoseishogakukogakunenkatsudo (fifth grader)20191222 second polices Festival

December 11, 2019 nichiryokugoseishogakukogakunenkatsudo (fifth grader)


December 22, 2019 second police festival - year-end caution SP~
20200124 Kumamoto-shi local welfare officer retirement type20200215 34th commuter pass concert "citizen of the prefecture contact concerts"

The January 24, 2020 Kumamoto-shi local welfare officer, children's committee retirement type


Concert "citizen of the prefecture contact concert" periodical on February 15, 2020 on the 34th
2020223 Matsubase first market

The February 23, 2020 Matsubase first market


Performance activities in temporary housing

About dispatch application

 Please consult with the police headquarters public information citizen of the prefecture section (person in charge of musical band desk work) or police station (General Administration Division) having jurisdiction over event holding place about dispatch performance of musical band.

 In performance of musical band,

  • In the case of stage performance, it is 10 meters in width X 8 meters in depth
  • In the case of drill performance, it is 30 meters in width X 30 meters in depth
  • In the case of color guard performance, it is 10 meters in width X 5 meters in depth 

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