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Police officer that aim is number one in Japan 

 Let alone sturdiness to succumb to no difficulty, consideration to people and town is necessary to play an active part as police officer.
 In police academy, we bring up true police officer who had gentleness and such strength.




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 We develop a sense of responsibility and firm mind and professionalism as police officer.

 Police academy which steps forward to the first step as police officer.
 It is friend and is daily beginnings to grow up while working together in competition with younger fellows who are rival.

Culture system 

 In the case of police officer A, we learn basic knowledge, skill necessary for duties as the first designation culture in the police academy for six months (in police officer B ten months).

 Become placement with police academy graduation in police station, other than police box duty, detective training of each section is basic, and receive instruction by one-to-one about practical knowledge, skill (police officer A, B together three months).

 Afterwards, we perform culture of mop-up again in the police academy for two months (three months).

 Finally we stand on our own feet as police officer openly in the police box of police station after actual fighting training four months (five months) for the acquisition of ability for business (total/police officer A: for 15 months police officer B: for 21 months).

 We receive one-month culture in the police academy to learn necessary basic knowledge and mental attitude as police personnel in the case of police administration, the police desk work, and it is placement afterwards in police stations.


Dormitory, school life

 Because strong bond and teamwork between police personnel are demanded, work of the police requires all the students to live in its dormitories, and it trains high education of density with both members of police officer, general office work.

 Student deepens each other's friendship through dormitory life and sends satisfying every day such as life in study, sports, spare time.

 That when it is past a fixed period of time after the entering, come to be able to go out until the closing time, and hang on Sunday from Friday as is a five-day working week; can stay out.

 In the student dormitory, simple private room, study hall are maintained with outbuilding with other school facilities (in the dormitory of man and woman outbuilding).

 Of course there is burden of the food expenses because it is part of duty during culture period at school, but is provided with salary, bonus.




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