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Administration, general desk work

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We engage in wide duties in plan planning, conduct of various measures, formation, the execution of budget, liaison and adjustment with country, the municipalities, authorization desk work, the collection of tax, casework of the welfare, negotiations of the site acquisition, the prefectural administration whole including the accounting, general affairs.

Main assignment

[central government office]
 The governor bureau, Public Enterprise Bureau, Hospital Bureau, Education Bureau, Prefectural Assembly Secretariat, the administrative committee secretariat
[branch office]
 Each Regional Administrative Headquarters, each Regional Promotion Bureau, individual branch office

Story of the senior staff

Masatoshi Honda 01    

Masatoshi Honda

 Assignment annual

 Belonging (name at the time of belonging)

 April, 2009 ...  The Department of General Affairs municipalities total room
 April, 2011 ...  Kamimashiki Area Promotion Bureau site section
 April, 2014 ...  Department of Planning and Development Cultural Affairs and World Heritage Promotion Division



Work in charge of now?

 We support new art cultural activities led by young man carrying the next generation in culture promotion group and are in charge of business to find young person artist and culture producers, and to bring up. We issue subsidy to event that each group hosts and make opportunity when young artist gets advice from expert.
 Through the current work, young people engaged in cultural activities knew that it was troubled with fund and acquaintances, lack of know-how. We feel worth doing if they let event succeed by support of this business and develop activity from the next fiscal year and are connected for collaboration with other groups.


Work that remains in impression until now?

Masatoshi Honda 02
 It is the site purchase for public works project in charge of in Kamimashiki Area Promotion Bureau site section.
 It is duties acquiring site while negotiating with the ground incarnation to secure necessary site for road, barrier preventing landslide construction.
 As ancestors ask for transfer of inherited land for public works project from generation to generation, various places of the ground incarnation need that they have you understand purpose and the need of business. Therefore we explained after, at first, oneself understood business properly and felt that what was trusted by the ground incarnation was important. We were objected to and had been for face-to-face talk toward the heir who lived in outside the prefecture, but were able to feel big joy when we could finally acquire site by having negotiated tenaciously and had words of thanks from the ground incarnation after the construction completion.
 In addition, in the disaster recovery efforts of North Kyushu heavy rain, we might be engaged in the site purchase for Shirakawa river repair work by support.
 The large-scale site purchase for river repair work was reported immediately right after it was suffered damage caused by flood, and big anxiety and distrust of eviction were held in ground incarnation, and which could not accept even meeting came in those days. We realized that it was important to do careful explanation and support as prefectural officials some other time to get rid of anxiety and distrust of citizens of the prefecture even a little.


Reason that wanted to be prefectural officials?

 Feeling to want to work for Kumamoto who was born and raised is the best reason. I spent college life in Fukuoka, but I changed rich nature of Kumamoto and delicious water, food, culture, splendor of people and realized. Therefore we contributed to the making of Kumamoto that citizens of Kumamoto could live a happier life and, also, we thought that we wanted a job that we had people in outside the prefecture know good point of Kumamoto and wanted to be the prefecture.


Charm and worth doing of prefectural officials?

Masatoshi Honda 03
 It is the best in administrative occupation to be able to experience tax practice, the welfare, engineering works, wide duties including plan; think whether is attractive. When we were in charge of the regulations revision in the entering the agency second year, there was work great in various ways including making of materials, but we had much advice and support from the boss at the time and were able to file for revision safely. If visible result is given, in the duties in charge of in this way, we can taste big sense of accomplishment.
 In addition, approach for securing of work-life balance including review of reduction and desk work of overtime is active recently and is the workplace which we can expand at time of private.

Message to applicant!

 Job of prefectural officials suggests plan from oneself as well as conventional work positively, and there are various duties when we let project go.
 Ability for knowledge and documentation about law is necessary, but the most important one wants to work for Kumamoto! It is feeling and motivation called this. Everybody with such thought will work together by all means!

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