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Member of psychology judgment

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We engage in duties about psychotherapy (counseling, play therapy, family therapy) for examination of psychology interview and psychology to consultant, problem action and reduction, improvement of symptom and the widely healthy welfare administration.

Main assignment

  General Social Services Counselling Center, Yatsushiro Child Consultation Center, Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Disability, Mental Health Welfare Center, Hospital Bureau

Story of the senior staff

Hitomi Migita 01    
                       Hitomi Migita


 Assignment annual


 April, 2014 ...  General Social Services Counselling Center psychology judgment section




Work in charge of now?

 As child feeling Masaji, we are in charge of psychology consultation of children mainly. Consultation content is introduced to many divergences, but we inspect psychology to grasp state of child and carry out continuous psychology interview and perform approach for main complaint cancellation. When visit to an office to counselor's office is difficult, we go to school and area and may have an interview. In addition, we attend at meeting with related organizations as needed so that children can send better life in area and gather information and perform detailed explanation and advice of state of child.
 In addition, we perform subsequent instruction of infants medical examination that the municipalities carry out.
 It is business content that specialty called "psychology" is required and, in the severe current situation that children were placed in, may be deeply worried. Still children were saved time and time again vigorously by the smile than we imagined. In nearby, being able to watch thing that we can help with for reliable safe life of children and growth process, we feel joy and worth doing.


Work that remains in impression until now?

Hitomi Migita 02
 With case which we accepted by delinquency, there was child that it was hard to express own thought by words. We repeated "we do not know" even if we heard anything in the beginning and we were at a loss for interview and felt feeling. Still you became able to realize that by having an interview while making trial and error, relationship was built little by little.
 In addition, we got one letter from child of case to be in charge of once. "Thank you for making time with me who am selfish. It was written, we relax very much when with teacher. We still remember that it was very nice to have made time expressly to write letter. We experienced, "feeling was handed down by all means" if we did not give up with the body.


What we keep in mind on working?

 When we contact children, it rises in the same glance by all means and talks while facing as alone people seriously. In addition, it prevents you from forgetting posture to "have you teach from children" as it is existence telling most that I do not know.
 In addition, we keep appreciation in mind without forgetting consideration to the neighborhood to push forward work smoothly to provide, and to tell words positively.


Reason that wanted to be prefectural officials?

 It was opportunity when it was interested in to prefectural officials to have gone for training to Child Consultation Center for the graduate student era. All staff was impressed with figure which acted on "for children" hard steadily, and I wanted to contribute in spite of being poor ability for "reliable safe life of children and the family", too and wanted to be.


Charm and worth doing of prefectural officials?

Hitomi Migita 03
 As Child Consultation Center is "the last stronghold of child welfare", it is the severe spot. However, therefore solidarity power between the staff is strong and feels that it is the workplace good at all to support each other, and to toss. When we were in trouble, the boss and senior support warmly and speedily and can work in peace.
 In addition, we may become afraid "is it good in this?" as result that is delicate and is direct to deal with "people's minds" is work that it is hard to be able to see. However, we noticed that it was opportunity when that stared at oneself again as much as we were going to know heart of partner deeply. It is days learning many things from all people whom we associated with through work.
 In this way, we feel that it is charm of prefectural officials that can greatly grow up as not only the acquisition of technical knowledge but also person.

Message to applicant!

 It is work to need specialty called "psychology", but the boss and senior, solidarity with co-worker can work under the common idea for "children" happily every day firmly. All the citizens of the prefecture will do their best for the making of relief, Kumamoto who can live safely together!
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