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School library desk work

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In the prefectural school libraries, we plan enhancement of book-reading activities of support, child, student and the staff of a school in information offer and class in information about books collection, rearranging, preservation, rental, environment maintenance, reference (consultation of the investigation), the investigation learning and engage in duties for school education.

Main assignment

  Prefectural school library, prefectural library

Story of the senior staff

Shiori Tanaka 01    

Shiori Tanaka

 Assignment annual

 Belonging (name at the time of belonging)

 April, 2007 ...  Prefectural Kuma commercial high school
 April, 2010 ...  Prefectural Yabe High School




Work in charge of now?

 In library of high school, we are doing job of librarian. Specifically, we perform support by procedure of rental, return of book and selected books, ordering, acceptance (bibliography data registration), the equipment for book (preparing book in available state), enlightenment of reading, theme display, environment maintenance that student is easy to use, book committee activity, the investigation learning in class. When material which we do not possess in our school is necessary, we purchase and may borrow from prefectural library or other high school libraries.
 In addition, there are reading center, learning center, three functions of information center in school library. It is engaged in education through school library, and it is the first worth doing that can see students growing up close. "This book was interesting!" It "was good to meet this book!" We think that we hear voice of user "who seems to be so, and wanted to know this!" that it was good to do this work.


Work that remains in impression until now?

Shiori Tanaka 02
 In school library, library is used in not only rental, return of book but also classes. Let alone the investigation learning by the student, it is used as place of the teaching materials study of teachers.
 In Yabe High School, we research about creature inhabiting rice field and river of school in period for integrated study of fundamental education course and class of problem study of green science department and learn about natural environments of Yamatomachi. I supported as librarian in class of the investigation learning about aquatics. We purchased newly to be short only with information about own school while talking with the person in charge in class and borrowed from prefectural library.
 In period for integrated study of fundamental education course, we take creature which we caught in grasshopper and academic harassment newt, rice field of school including mud snail in photorecording and actually bring in in library, and the investigation learning that identifies species while comparing with illustrated book remains in impression very much. Students were various materials to identify. Yamato-cho heard that it was hotspot where rare living things inhabited, but was surprised as we saw academic harassment newt and mud snail for the first time in person. A student questioning with illustrated books actually thinks while observing the real thing that it is scene only in school library.
 In addition, in problem study of green scientific course, we compared photorecording and illustrated books such as tobigera which we caught in river and performed the investigation, the quality of the water investigation of river about indicator organism. In problem meeting for presenting research papers, the findings was settled, and importance that maintained the quality of the water of river of Yamato-cho being very pure, the environment was announced.
 It was class that we were able to learn from me about imminent natural environments with student with two examples.


What we keep in mind on working?

 Work of school library thinks that it is important to like that we contact people with feeling that book likes. We take communication let alone student with teachers and work hard at the making of library which it is easy to use where comfort is good while getting cooperation. We are extremely ordinary, but we try to contact with smile and always say hello to visitor with feeling, "you come". In addition, demanded material is different if school classes including agricultural high school and commercial high school are different. We always keep antenna in mind to grasp needs of student and teachers, and to be able to meet feeling "that "wanting to read" wants to know" to form, and to make "helpful" libraries.


Episode that had a hard time?

 Yabe High School and resurrection positive high school reorganized and unified, and current Yabe High School founded a school in 2010. When resurrection positive high school closed a school in March, 2012, we succeeded about 4,800 books and bookshelves to Yabe High School and accepted. It was serious at all with enormous quantity including acceptance work to loan in selected books and advance preparation, movement of book, Yabe High School. But the collection of books was enriched thanks to the grace, and reading environment improved, too. We think that we succeed thought of resurrection positive high school where reading was valued and students still read the book at time of morning reading and see figure utilizing by the investigation learning that it was good to accept book that there is many.


Reason that wanted to be prefectural officials?

Shiori Tanaka 03
 We have thought that we wanted to work in library somehow since childhood. And we met teacher of librarian at the age of high school student and felt when school library where people were was fun and was warm and was wonderful, and, thinking became strong. There was always corner display and was able to meet various books. When we appreciated the movie "Tower of Himeyuri" in the whole school, display about the Battle of Okinawa is done in library, and I still remember the one which we sometimes had in our hand.
 We had got job except library, but we snuggled up to each person's feeling that wanted to mediate between encounter with people and book which wanted to convey pleasure of book like teacher of high school days without, after all, being able to get over and wanted to be engaged in education through school library and wanted to be once.


Atmosphere of the workplace?

 As for school library office worker, only one is at each school, but there are teacher and training teacher, school nurse, various types of job including office worker at school. Better instructional activity works every day as possible "team school" for children while making use of characteristic of the type of job, and cooperating in consultation with each other.


Charm and worth doing of prefectural officials?

 Not only it reads novel, but also it checks that it thought in some question, and book which it had in its hand incidentally casually opens own world, and it is library that gives hint in living. Children hide various possibility. We snuggle up to each person's feeling and dream while cooperating with teachers, and what we can make support to realize dream into through school library is charm of this work. In addition, I have worked only at prefectural high school, but I may work at kenritsu*betsushiengakuko and prefectural library and can enlarge field of vision. From school education to social education, we think that it is charm, worth doing of prefectural officials to be able to be engaged with library and education widely.


Message to applicant!

 We may know for the first time in person while we cope with the conversation and investigation learning with user and learn various things with student, and there is discovery new every day. We like people and like book and convey pleasure of book and will make which wants to be engaged in education, libraries fun together!
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