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Agriculture engineering works

The last update date:
We engage in ho ground, irrigation facility, maintenance of agricultural production bases such as farm roads, the farm village sewer, maintenance of farm village living environment such as waterside environment, plan planning such as disaster prevention maintenance of farm village area, investigation, plan, design, multiplication, taskmaster.

Main assignment

[central government office]
 Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
[branch office]
 Each Regional Administrative Headquarters, each Regional Promotion Bureau

Story of the senior staff

Shota Kawagoe 01    

Shota Kawagoe


 Assignment annual

 Belonging (name at the time of belonging)

 April, 2009 ...  Kamoto Area Promotion Bureau Rural Development Division
 April, 2012 ...  Amakusa Regional Promotion Bureau Rural Development Division
 April, 2015 ...  Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Rural Planning Division



Work in charge of now?

 We are in charge of investigation and business plan examination duties of new district about agriculture farm village maintenance business.
 For realization of "agriculture to be able to earn" that is important measure of the prefecture, we feel big worth doing in being able to be engaged in program planning of agriculture farm village maintenance business to be connected for work reduction and improvement of farmhouse in income.
 In examination of business plan, we go to the spot and keep in mind to grasp the current situation of district. Problem that the area where it is hard to be revealed on the desk holds is found because by looking at the spot directly, can hear the farming situation and local actual voice, and solution in question often floats and realizes importance of "seeing the spot".

Work that remains in impression until now?

Shota Kawagoe 02
 It is repair work of the timeworn shore in charge of in Amakusa Regional Promotion Bureau and maintenance of wide area farm road.
 Concerning the shore construction of the tide is to have been able to complete construction within term of works by making progress schedule of construction minutely because rise, and it is necessary to carry out construction in time for ebb tide under the influence of pull, and having repeated and meetings of construction supplier and neighborhood inhabitants.
 In cooperation with Kamiamakusa-shi and local resident, hit name "large Yano flower road" by open call for participants to do with farm road where local, is got close to while the vicinity of beginning farm road inhabitants look forward to opening concerning wide area farm road maintenance toward the local farmhouse and is what was invited the safety opening ceremony to.


Reason that wanted to be prefectural officials?

 Under the influence of grandparents who ran farmhouse, we thought that we wanted a job that we were engaged in farm village promotion since it was small and majored in agriculture engineering works at university. We were from outside the prefecture, but, "the center of Kyushu", "aquatic resources" wanted to be the prefecture while we felt charm in potential that Kumamoto including "the richness of agriculture farm village" had, and we made use of specialized field that we cultivated at university, and importance of decentralization increased again for the reason of wanting to carry the center about farm village promotion.


Charm and worth doing of prefectural officials?

Shota Kawagoe 03
 Agriculture engineering works job can be engaged in farm village promotion from hard aspect, soft aspect and various angles.
 In addition, as starting for the new post of various places throughout the prefecture actually resides earlier, participates in the local event and can plan local and communication, and there are own second, third hometown and pleasure that it is.
(oneself resided in starting for the new post, too and became hot spring of Yamaga, fan of fish of Amakusa!)
 Furthermore, in both work and the private, there is more a great deal of staff with the spirit of self-advancement and is very attractive as environment studying oneself.


Atmosphere of the workplace?

 As farm village of the prefecture is section playing a promotion-related key role, branch office, country of the prefecture, various information from the municipalities come and go, and the current workplace is the workplace with vigor very much. A lot of inquiries from related organizations work on duties with feeling of strain every day as representative window of the prefecture, too.


Message to applicant!

 We did not often know at the time of entering the agency and were often puzzled, but there was support of the boss and senior of the circumference, too and got over somehow. We are of study almost every day every day, but it is independent and handles duties and is the workplace which growth can realize by all means by making an effort.
 In addition, let's try hard together as club activities such as drinking party and soccer in corresponding period, mini-valley are prosperous other than the work and think that we can send satisfying life!
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