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We engage in regulation, instruction of use of plan planning and promotion, building certification, building and land of measure about building, promotion of Kumamoto art police business, construction, maintenance of owned by a prefecture facility, duties about construction, maintenance of house under prefectural management.

Main assignment

[central government office]
 Department of General Affairs, Department of Civil Engineering

[branch office]
 Each Regional Administrative Headquarters


Story of the senior staff

Rie Nakamura 01    

Rie Nakamura


 Assignment annual

 Belonging (name at the time of belonging)

 April, 2010 ...  Kikuchi Area Promotion Bureau scenery Architecture Division
 April, 2013 ...  Department of Civil Engineering Architecture Division building security promotion room
 April, 2015 ...  Department of Civil Engineering Architecture Division




Work in charge of now?

 In "Kumamoto art police" which is Kumamoto original building culture campaign, we are in charge of commendation of support of participation project conduct and superior building. In addition, through plan, administration of events such as symposiums, we publicize Kumamoto art police as one of cultural assets and tourist attractions of Kumamoto to home and abroad.
In addition, we perform the spread, promotion of UD (universal design) building.
 It is not possible to continue "Kumamoto art police" which lasted nearly 30 years for a long time from now on only in prefectural officials. What we make towards architects and many various places including local everybody about architecture and the same aim that "it is said and wants to make thing" together is necessary, but feels big worth doing there.
 Kumamoto art police wants to make familiar thing near to be able to say to citizens of the prefecture that it is property of Kumamoto.

Work that remains in impression until now?

Rie Nakamura 02
 We held "child architecture cram school" to have children know pleasure of building. At event that we were in charge of only after moving, there was a lot of being puzzled only in the first thing including preparations and public information, but was able to hold safely while having many various places cooperate. We were very glad that a primary schoolchild full of life who participated was seen. We learned various things from this event, and it was in occasion that led to own growth.
 In addition, we felt impression and worth doing when we had impression and the letter from various places of children and protector to "want to let you participate by all means again next year" to "want to become architect after the event holding in the future".
 For children carrying the future of Kumamoto, this event is a chance to be interested in building and is glad if we can heap up building culture of Kumamoto together in future.

Reason that wanted to be prefectural officials?

    I am from Okinawa. Kumamoto worked on art police business which did not look at example in the world either, and approach to UD business was the prefecture attractive at all for me including top level thing nationwide again.  

   Unforgettable, the word "can convenience not coexist with design?" that person with a disability who got to know in the days of student said came to think, "anyone wants to do town planning that attractive building easy to use was ordinary". We sympathized with way of thinking of art police business which we made under the theme of "we bring up while making which we made while learning" together and wanted to work by all means in Kumamoto and wanted to be in those days.


Charm and worth doing of prefectural officials?

 Work of the prefecture is introduced to many divergences and, in the building job, can be engaged in the wide field such as repairs duties and authorization duties such as building certification examination when we build building. In addition, the biggest charm is people in various places throughout the prefecture and to be able to touch culture. In the first year at a complete loss, we had local authorized architects welcome in Kikuchi-shi of the first post and had many things including local thing tell from technical thing.
 In addition, it is said from rotation that building post at prefecture is really close. There is actual feeling to work together in environment that can feel free to contact the boss and the senior staff. We often go to drink (laugh)
 We hold study session on the young staff once a month and wear new knowledge not to be related directly by the current job, and environment to talk about question or anxiety of daily duties, and to toss is set.


Message to applicant!

 Our best role is to make security, reliable Kumamoto for citizens of the prefecture. It is safe securing of building and worthwhile job to be connected directly with daily livings including maintenance of living environment. We can make use of knowledge and technique of various fields of architecture that everybody learned at university somewhere by all means.
 We are looking forward to the day to work together!
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