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For prevention of pollution, we engage in duties such as investigation examination, study about environment other than administration duties such as monitoring such as the atmosphere or the quality of the water, regulation instruction to factories, appropriate processing promotion of waste.

Main assignment

[central government office]
 Department of Environment and Residential Life
[branch office]
 Regional Administrative Headquarters (prefectural north, prefectural south, Amakusa), each Regional Promotion Bureau, Institute of Public-Health and Environmental Science, Environmental Education and Intelligence Center, Industrial Research Center

Story of the senior staff

Koki Saito 01    

                Koki Saito

 Assignment annual

 Belonging (name at the time of belonging)

 April, 2003 ...  Department of Environment and Residential Life Environmental Conservation Division water maintenance measures room
 April, 2005 ...  Amakusa Regional Promotion Bureau (Amakusa public health center) hygiene Environment Division
 April, 2007 ...  Tokyo Representative Office (Ministry of the Environment environmental administration practical training)
 April, 2008 ...  Department of Environment and Residential Life Waste and Recycling Affairs section
 April, 2013 ...  Department of Environment and Residential Life Environmental Conservation Division



Work in charge of now?

 We are in charge of duties about chemical substance other than correspondence (PM2.5 attention awakening, photochemical smog alarm) in the atmosphere environment emergency and environmental monitoring of dioxin.
 About environmental problem about the atmosphere and chemical substance, voice of anxiety is sent by citizens of the prefecture. As a result of having analyzed reason of anxiety for oneself, it was revealed that we calmed down to two points of anxiety because we did not know anxiety, (2) well because we did not look like (1) eyes recently.
 Therefore we keep what we send right information about these to in mind so that few, citizens of the prefecture are relieved to make use of own technical knowledge and past experience and feel big worth doing.

Work that remains in impression until now?

Koki Saito 02
 In the Environmental Conservation Division water maintenance measures room, it is that we were concerned with development of "Kumamoto local nitric acid-related nitrogen reduction plan" and to have proceeded to Ministry of the Environment as intern from local government.
 Right after entering the agency, work in charge of was development of "Kumamoto local nitric acid-related nitrogen reduction plan". Water with high nitric acid-related nitrogen concentration is unsuitable for drinking. Because there was nitric acid-related nitrogen concentration in the high situation in some areas in the prefecture, and outbreak source and relation with agriculture were deep, it was necessary to work at all prefectural offices. During the plan development stage, we coordinated with Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and Department of Health and Social Services, and we explained to the governor last, and there was big sense of accomplishment if we devised plan.
 Approach of groundwater maintenance of Kumamoto becomes models of the whole country. It felt worth doing very much to be engaged in these duties. 
 In addition, in dispatched Ministry of the Environment, we learned many things from process of job of central government offices which handled duties that quality, quantity was high together at awful speed.
 More than anything, it becomes own property that Ministry of the Environment and the local governments of the whole country had acquaintance.

Reason that wanted to be prefectural officials?

 In the days of student, I who majored in chemistry in department of engineering thought vaguely to become researcher in the future.
 At the age of junior, we participated in event to visit plural companies of Fukuoka and observed ecotown of Kitakyushu-shi. A lot of recycling companies of waste were located in ecotown, but, in adopted in chemical post of, it was replied for difficult question of student precisely, and the staff of Kitakyushu-shi that showed around there felt cool at all and knew that there was adoption frame called post of chemistry on the staff of local government for the first time.
 It is hometown and makes use of knowledge that we learned at university, and reason that chose prefecture is because we wanted to work on Minamata disease problem that is the origin of pollution. To all of companies which ecotown is in Minamata, and are located in ecotown at the age of Waste and Recycling Affairs section thank you very much for your help.


Charm and worth doing of prefectural officials?

Koki Saito 03
 Expectation for the prefectural office of citizen of the prefecture thinks that there is big thing. This thinks that it comes from trust that the staff of senior built since Kumamoto started by establishment of prefectures in place of feudal domains of 1871.
 We make full use of own brain and acting power without letting you lose trust of the prefectural office and think whether it is worth doing to provide result more than expectation of citizen of the prefecture without running out.
 In addition, atmosphere of the workplace is bright, and laughter does not die out. All and it joins forces for difficult work and we confront and think that it is big charm that can share feelings.


What we keep in mind on working?

 Own knowledge is mediocritized immediately. We study new thing and meet people and always look at the spot. We think that it is important to keep this in mind.
 If there are any spare times, we read book. Information to obtain from book feels that we can understand from the Internet to place that is deeper than information to be provided.
 We show some courage and, if there are any interesting lectures, hear story. We try to go to place becoming topic if there are any spare times. Therefore we think that that is connected for own growth if felt what it is.

Message to applicant!

 Kumamoto is blessed naturally, and water thinks whether it is everybody agreement to be delicious place, too. It is duty that we were given to succeed livable environment by this security in the next generation and thinks that it is prefectural official that carries the part of control to accomplish the duty. Job of prefectural officials is quiet at a glance, but does very worthwhile work. We are very glad if you can add Kumamoto to choice of everybody.

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