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Forestry, forestry

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We engage in forestry administration duties such as the forest maintenance such as thinning, the forest program planning, wood demand expansion, leading figure measures, appointment of protected forest, maintenance of forestry conservancy facility, test and research duties about wood and forestry technology, the spread duties such as the spread, instruction of technique, duties such as protection of the wild animals and plants, maintenance of nature park facility.

Main assignment

[central government office]
 Department of Environment and Residential Life, Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
[branch office]
 Each Regional Administrative Headquarters, each Regional Promotion Bureau, Forestry Research Center

Story of the senior staff

Ayumi Eguma 01    
            Ayumi Eguma


 Assignment annual

 Belonging (name at the time of belonging)

 April, 2004 ...  Amakusa Regional Promotion Bureau Tsutomu Hayashi section
 April, 2007 ...  Ashikita Area Promotion Bureau Tsutomu Hayashi section
 April, 2010 ...  Kamimashiki Area Promotion Bureau Tsutomu Hayashi section
 April, 2014 ...  Kuma Area Promotion Bureau Forestry Conservation Division




Work in charge of now?

 We restore in the forest which went to ruin by outbreak of collapse and mud flood and are in charge of duties such as "field work" of forestry conservancy construction to prevent outbreak of mountainous district disaster "plan" "design" "multiplication" "field overseer".
 If it is the field that result is visible and knows, and construction that we designed by oneself is completed in Tsutomu Hayashi administration, and object is completed, we feel big sense of accomplishment.


Work that remains in impression until now?

Ayumi Eguma 02
 In the current workplace, it is to have carried out "field work" of mountain stream about 2km to plan forestry conservancy business with the person in charge of the municipalities based on request from local people.
 The investigation ground was steep, and it was mountain stream with many big rock and water. At the time of investigation, we groveled to huge rock and jumped over and became investigation while it sometimes soaked in water. Because photograph becomes important, by "on-site inspection" "plan", the need of plan understands; walked around for about three hours while taking a picture, and located outbreak source of collapse, and was able to catch full picture of damage. Tsutomu Hayashi tech job can work in this way as well as the top of desk while feeling nature to be on the site.

Reason that wanted to be prefectural officials?

 The breeding, forestry worker were easy to work on seeing a father who lived by forestry from the childhood period and wanted to be engaged in the making of system that worked with purpose of life and wanted to be the prefecture.

Charm and worth doing of prefectural officials?

Ayumi Eguma 03
 Prefectural officials are doing work that broad-based effect is over across frame of the municipalities.
 It is connected by current duties in charm and worth doing to carry big role to protect living and environment of various places of citizen of the prefecture by maintaining function of forest to have, and increasing.
 In addition, we come to know most by sight when Tsutomu Hayashi tech job enters as about 170 people, and three years pass. I am, and it is easy to talk, and, for the current job, job is pushed forward to senior who became the same workplace for six years in total smoothly, too. In addition, joke is the delightful workplace which can exchange opinions, too.
 There is scene racking its brains about process of work, but can solve without being alone, and holding that seniors become kind and advise by sharing by section and group.


Message to applicant!

 After the graduation from high school, both the right and the left started prefectural officials life in the situation not to understand, but they are supported by kind seniors and send prefectural officials life safely until now.
 We need new friend to carry the Tsutomu Hayashi government from now on, and having hot thought including hope and dissatisfaction for forestry will work happily together by all means as it is for driving force to move Kumamoto.
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