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We engage in promotion of fisheries oriented for proper resources management, upbringing, securing of leading figure, instruction, supervision of fishery group, fisheries administration duties such as maintenance of fishing port facility, aquaculture, test and research duties about processing technique, the spread of spread, instruction of technique, improvement instruction duties of management.

Main assignment

[central government office]
 Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
[branch office]
 Regional Administrative Headquarters (prefectural north, prefectural south, Amakusa), Fisheries Research Center, Fisheries Patrol Office

Story of the senior staff

01, Misaki, Tahara    
           Misaki, Tahara


 Assignment annual


 April, 2013 ...  Amakusa Area Administrative Headquarters Marine Products Section



Work in charge of now?

 We are in charge of fishery permission desk work about application of the governor fishery under license and desk work about application for registration of fishing boat, fishing boat probate (inspection of fishing boat), fishing boat gauging (duties to measure the capacity of the fishing boat, and to decide aggregate tonnage) mainly.
 Duties have many businesslike things, but feel fun in what we think about laws and ordinances in grounds for item which judgment has difficult with seniors and solve. In addition, when we feel uplifted when we see the blue sea of Amakusa on business trip and see state that fishery under license and fishing boat which oneself was concerned with in the sea actually operate, we feel connection with the spot and feel worth doing.


Work that remains in impression until now?

 "Meeting - Kumamoto ... made with the sea which is full of the 33rd nationwide" is held at the age of the entering the agency first year and is to have been engaged in discharge business in Minamata that is hometown.
 This meeting was held every year in 1 metropolis and districts, and the entering the agency year was just year of Kumamoto holding. It was attended, and Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress received the word, "the sea of Minamata is beautiful" from visitors for discharge business and was glad very much. We think that it might have been in good occasion having many people be interested in the sea and fishery products of Kumamoto.
 Entering the agency is original and was time when we feel importance of work, but we strongly feel that we must try hard so that we are interested in fishery of Kumamoto more and are served and remember that we felt as if the body is tightened.
 "Fish of Kumamoto is delicious, want to eat, want to buy." in future; of the spread, distribution of fishery products having think work, and want to be engaged.

Episode that had a hard time?

02, Misaki, Tahara
 It is to have done about 1,300 fishing boat probates (inspection of fishing boat) of Amakusa jurisdiction in half a year in the entering the agency first year. Fishing boat probate identifies model of engine with confirmation such as ship's name or registration number. Of midsummer went into small engine room with heat, and inspection while fought against oil dirt with sauna state was more serious while was hot. If "you enter, in such inside, it is called out by more beautiful nishitottatoni" and fisherman, and conversation is fun. It is unexpectedly interesting as there are physical education society system, work of physical strength game.

Reason that wanted to be prefectural officials?

03, Misaki, Tahara
 This is because the sea and fish liked having aimed at fisheries tech job simply. Since high school student, we thought that we wanted to get job to be related to the sea and fish vaguely, and university entered a school of higher grade in Faculty of Fisheries, too. It is big reason that wanted to make use of knowledge that we learned in Faculty of Fisheries in local Kumamoto while touching own favorite sea and fish.
 In addition, it is involved with many people through volunteer activity in college student days, and it is one of the reasons that felt worth doing in achieving one while cooperating.
 Prefectural officials have transfer, too and go around various places throughout the prefecture. We thought that it would be surely worthwhile to work on work towards common purpose called fisheries promotion of Kumamoto while being involved with many people and wanted to be the prefecture.


Charm and worth doing of prefectural officials?

04, Misaki, Tahara
 We think charm of prefectural officials to have possibilities to be "encounter" when we say with a word. As width of duties is wide, there is encounter with many people with various knowledge. Most work is not completed alone, and need to cooperate with some somebody appears. That may be the same prefectural official and may be staff of fishermen's cooperative association and fisherman. When it works together, it often takes stimulation for posture or way of thinking for work saying "this person is great.", and it is big charm that can meet various places that we can respect. And it is worthwhile very much to push forward duties in cooperation with such people.
 In addition, staff of Marine Products Section is eight people, and all the members are fisheries technical personnel. It is only expert senior who the average age is 43 years old, and is reliable. Woman is me alone, but, in the comfortable delightful workplace, swells by topic of hobby including fishing and running well.
 As there are many athletic meets of prefectural officials on holiday, it is over the type of job and the generation, and it is attractive one that various and friendship are deepened.

Message to applicant!

 Work of fisheries tech job is a great variety of. Seemingly my job is desk work system, but there is work of physical strength game unexpectedly, and the next group conducts affairs different at all even if there is in section. But all duties support fishery of Kumamoto and can be concerned with the sea, fish, fisherman in various forms.
 Let's work together by all means! We will be waiting.
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