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Social welfare

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We engage in child independence support facility or duties to support independence of child at one time in the protective institutions.

Main assignment

[central government office]
 Department of Health and Social Services
[branch office]
 Shimizugaoka Gakuen(Juvenile Delinquent Rehabilitation Institute), General Social Services Counselling Center, Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Disability

Story of the senior staff

Naoto Onita 01     
         Naoto Onita


 Assignment annual


 April, 2013 ...  Shimizugaoka Gakuen(Juvenile Delinquent Rehabilitation Institute)



Work in charge of now?

 We go to misbehavior without being able to adapt itself to school and social life and let child needing living guidance from child or home environment with the fear enter and perform necessary instruction. "Dormitory life = home" as base of child be brought up, and perform fixing and recovery, support for social independence.
 As it is far and will live a life in dormitory in school, the staff snuggles up to child in the life and supports family where children lived so far. Responsibility to thing about time when children are important is big and feels worth doing accordingly. In duties, there are repulsion and collision from children, but it is good place of this workplace that nearby, children are seen with figure growing up after such an experience.


Work that remains in impression until now?

Naoto Onita 02
 It is school festival.
 We invite people of related organizations such as protector and Child Consultation Center, former domicile school, and children announce everyday learning result or fictionization.
 Children who were not able to write the alphabet practice desperately until school festival, and it recites English until it enters school, and it is dignified, and it remains in impression to have felt growth in announcing figure. In addition, each child announces aim in the future in composition at the end of stage announcement, but scene speaking dream and aim, words of thanks to protector that children are usually thinking about is very impressive.
 We could be engaged in job to be able to make possibility and growth into in one of eyes of child and were big benefit for oneself.


Reason that wanted to be prefectural officials?

 We met with scene where elderly person fell down to during attending school in high school days and have held out hand. Words that elderly person said passed my front many people, but "they helped nobody as well as you." on this occasion. The words were words that were shock very much for me who was high school student in those days. It is reason that wished to join the prefecture on this occasion that thought, "we want to change Kumamoto where oneself was born and raised from plane of the welfare".


Charm and worth doing of prefectural officials?

 We feel prefectural officials to be with worth doing that is the best in being able to work for citizen of the prefecture. The field of the welfare is introduced to child welfare, the person with a disability welfare, welfare for the elderly and many divergences, but all being common, and being able to say are that it is connected for happiness of citizen of the prefecture. It is attractive one that prefectural officials who can experience many workplaces can have multidirectional viewpoint. 
 My job is work to be concerned with children directly, but children concerned with in school do shoraitaien and support while praying adult who became independent so that it can be. In addition, taien wants to be "support of mind" so that child whom we worked as sometimes talks anytime that's a problem.


About atmosphere of the workplace?

Naoto Onita 03
 While the staff is changed in school, we are on night duty and work. We live together in that for 24 hours and build relationship of mutual trust while touching children through living guidance. In addition, there are various events such as baseball meet, badminton meet, education camping, school festival through one year. The staff works on plan planning, conduct of event in unison for children and feels that consciousness of the staff such as hot thought or teamwork for child is the high workplaces.


What we keep in mind on working?

 Oneself practices a matter of course as members of society such as greetings or courtesy in children because it is position guiding such as greetings or courtesy and makes an effort to be able to make a model of children. We keep posture that we show by action not teaching to children only by words and teach in mind. In addition, we take an entrance examination for the Kanji Test that children take an entrance examination for together and value "sympathy, working together, kyoiku" which are support posture of school and are conscious of putting itself in children's shoes.


Message to applicant!

 We may not be necessarily assigned to job that oneself hopes for after entering. However, all job of prefectural officials leads to benefit of citizen of the prefecture. We can rediscover own charm and possibility by working on work forward. We think that it is the workplace where is good to person who wants to further bring oneself up while working for citizen of the prefecture!
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