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We engage in monitoring, instruction of pharmaceutical affair, food, on-the-spot inspections such as drugstore, hospital, enlightenment of prevention of blood donation, drug abuse, medicine administration duties such as the drug control, test and research duties such as examination inspection, research, technical guidance of drug, composition duties at hospitals.

Main assignment

[central government office]
 Department of Health and Social Services, Department of Environment and Residential Life
[branch office]
 Regional Administrative Headquarters (prefectural north, prefectural south, Amakusa), each Regional Promotion Bureau, Institute of Public-Health and Environmental Science, Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Disability, Hospital Bureau

Story of the senior staff

Masato Furukawa 01    
        Masato Furukawa


 Assignment annual

 Belonging (name at the time of belonging)

 April, 2010 ...  Department of Institute of Public-Health and Environmental Science microbe science
 April, 2015 ...  Department of Health and Social Services Public Sanitation and Pharmaceutical Division



Work in charge of now?

 For drugstore and drugstore, medical supplies factory, we are in charge of duties to prevent harm such as promotion, poison of duties and self-medication (taking responsibility for own health, and treating slight physical disorder by oneself) to pressure to work on the observance such as laws and ordinances and dynamite.
 As we make use of expertise and can watch appropriate production such as pharmaceutical products and use, we feel worth doing at point that can contribute to safety of (citizen of the prefecture) in various places using pharmaceutical products.
 In addition, we keep in mind to work in spite of being thought what kind of form duties that oneself is usually in charge of can contribute to citizen of the prefecture in.

Work that remains in impression until now?

Masato Furukawa 02
 It is to have been in charge of safety measures duties of basashi during Institute of Public-Health and Environmental Science being on the register roll.
 Basashi came to be eaten in peace by having established frozen disposal of basashi condition which was special product of Kumamoto. We were able to reduce the number of existence symptom complaints of food poisoning symptoms such as nausea or diarrhea from consumers by this.


Reason that wanted to be prefectural officials?

 As environmental conservation or the waste government could be engaged in duties in various workplaces as well as duties utilized expertise of pharmacist, we thought that we could plan own skill up and wanted to be the prefecture.


Charm and worth doing of prefectural officials?

Masato Furukawa 03
 As well as compounding of medicines duties at hospital working as pharmacist, we feel worth doing in place that can be engaged in various duties such as pharmaceutical administration, food hygiene, study, examination inspection duties.
 In addition, the workplace can push forward duties while cooperating with the boss and co-worker with very good atmosphere.


Message to applicant!

 As we can experience pharmaceutical administration, food sanitation, research activities, various duties including examination inspection duties, we think that prefectural officials are correct in which wants to be engaged in duties that are wide as pharmacist. In addition, we utilize the staff training or doctorate acquisition support of graduate school and can further polish own skill.
 Do you not work together?
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