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Health nurse

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We engage in health consultation or health guidances such as plan, adjustment duties about community health, duties about the prevention, health promotion of illness, maternal and child health, mental health, intractable disease measures.

Main assignment

[central government office]
 Department of Health and Social Services
[branch office]
 Regional Administrative Headquarters (prefectural north, prefectural south, Amakusa), each Regional Promotion Bureau, General Social Services Counselling Center, Mental Health Welfare Center, Hospital Bureau

Story of the senior staff

Sumika Okabe 01     
    Sumika Okabe


 Assignment annual


 April, 2013 ...  Kuma Area Promotion Bureau (Hitoyoshi public health center) Health Prevention Section



Work in charge of now?

 We are in charge of continuation education, regional alliances that aimed at preventive enlightenment about infectious disease, holding of meeting examining epidemiology investigation and dentistry health measures at the time of outbreak, home delivery of cooked foods lecture, improvement in quality of nursing.
 In addition, we are in charge of shinsai trainer (※) this year.
 Needs of attendant are troubled every time on holding workshops targeting at nursing staff and staff of facility what you would do to anything, constitution, but they have advice from various places of co-worker and as even section repeats meetings, invites the safety public performance. From person who get favorable reception by not only sense of accomplishment after having been over but also questionnaire result, and does not attend "heard from person who participated, but workshop on the other day seemed to be good thing. We feel worth doing if we have you offer saying we had you show materials as it was good to do the best.

(※) About anxiety of question and member of society life in work, we fix the system which staff of senior of each assignment ahead can feel free to contact to each new hiring staff, and shinsai trainer system is system to support start of member of society life.


Work that remains in impression until now?

Sumika Okabe 02
 It is to have been in charge of tuberculosis duties after the entering the agency for two years. In the prefecture, we devise Kumamoto tuberculosis measures plan and work with the goal of "taking medicine confirmation treatment conduct rate 95% or more for all tuberculosis patients". Tuberculosis is one of the main infectious diseases in the present age, and it is necessary to take 3-4 kinds of drugs as standard treatment for 6-9 months. We visited regularly to support taking medicine treatment of tuberculosis patient, and to instruct and confirmed the taking medicine situation and health condition on the telephone. Specifically, we planned related organizations and cooperation so that that solved to listen to anxiety and trouble, various thought while we talked with patient and family and performed calling at the time of visit and follow over telephone.
 We were afraid and often thought whether own support was enough in the beginning whether the way of calling was not wrong, but were glad at all of internal use treatment being finished safely, and which "Okabe was charge and was enough" "not dying from patient and family when he/she did not come to already come to visit", and having had nadonoo words. Not only we supported from this, but also had power from people to be involved with adversely and realized importance of communication again.

Reason that wanted to be prefectural officials?

 We were troubled to work as the municipalities health nurse who settled in area, but noticed that there was area that oneself did not know still more in Kumamoto either a lot when we thought to work in what municipalities.
 We wanted to make Kumamoto who wanted to know charm of Kumamoto more since we were born and raised in Kumamoto better more and wished to join the prefecture.


Charm and worth doing of prefectural officials?

Sumika Okabe 03
 As we work by duties with various places of various fields, we can learn when there is various view, way of thinking. In addition, it always comes together with transfer, but as therefore there is encounter with new people, and there is good place again for each area if we go to the new workplace, we often know newly, and, speaking of prefectural officials, there is one side that it is a pleasure. We right think that what that "lifelong learning" is possible is big charm.
 In addition, Health Prevention Section is the workplace which is easy to talk with senior and bosses very much let alone the young staff. It is not by duties and often swells in various stories, and it is proud one of me that was blessed with the good workplaces.


Message to applicant!

 As for the male health nurse, it is played an active part in health nurse of wide age until 20 generations - 50 generations.
 As I have begun to work as health nurse after having worked as nurse for several years, there was anxiety, too, but is connected for skill up as health nurse while making use of experience in the nurse times as personnel training guideline of health nurse is made in the prefecture and participates in workshop and usually performs swing return marks of duties using OJT seat.
 Everybody thinks that past various experience becomes strength, too.
 We are looking forward to the day to work together!

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