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Nursery staff

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We engage in child independence support facility and duties to support independence of child at one time in the protective institutions or training duties for impaired children.

Main assignment

 Shimizugaoka Gakuen(Juvenile Delinquent Rehabilitation Institute), General Social Services Counselling Center, Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Disability

Story of the senior staff

Mai Tashiro 01    

Mai Tashiro


 Assignment annual


 April, 2014 ...  General Social Services Counselling Center child guidance section



Work in charge of now?

 As district person in charge of Child Consultation Center caseworker, we are in charge of discussion of support method with consultation and the municipalities or school from protector, temporary protection of child, facility entrance measures. We may work out directionality of support while talking about child feeling Masaji and SSW (school social worker), SC (school counselor), hospital with Specialized Agencies as needed.
 As it is interpersonal support duties, there are few examples to advance just as wanted. However, we give wisdom and are glad that the person concerned gets united in that when we feel posture to move in the same vector. Of thing that was still gladder, but moved when result followed even if did not turn out just as wanted as load, and advance is connected in relationship of mutual trust with home and related organizations later, and may live, feel for worth doing at the point.


Work that remains in impression until now?

 It is to have been concerned with treatment of child admitted to hospital for a long time.
 As feelings tended to be arrogant, and they thereby repeated self-harm other harm as for the boy by being trifling, we were hospitalized and learned the saccadic control method. Irritation might not finish suppressing in the interview first time, but he/she came to talk about what kind of thing you gradually practiced, and expression softened, too. On one day if "might be irritated, but relaxed body according to exercise, cried with nature, and feeling was refreshing today. He/she said, it is such a thing when we shed tears. His expression with sense of accomplishment that overcame refreshing tone and own problem at that time is very impressive and remembers one which was really glad of me.


Reason that wanted to be prefectural officials?

 Other than the childcare duties in general nursery schools, we wanted to be the prefecture for the reason of being able to be engaged in wide support to children who had difficulty more in life in the prefecture.


Charm and worth doing of prefectural officials?

Mai Tashiro 02
 Child guidance section is place treating overall domestic consultation that there is child mainly. For option may have to intervene against intention of protector positively, and, depending on consultation classification such as child abuse, may not necessarily agree with domestic needs while is consulted, but is thinking that is worthwhile jobs accomplished only in prefectural officials at all.


What we keep in mind on working?

 It is said that it is basic posture of interpersonal support, but it faces each other toward child and the protector and keeps what "we are concerned with receptively" in mind. Leading relation may be in required scene, but talks among them while choosing words after having taken complicated feelings of partner when such. Not all which the person has, it is sense of values that really people value that possibly it cannot be said in interview scene, and it is big trouble only to talk in the interview. At first, we think that it may become one step to build confidential relation to snuggle there up and work.


Message to applicant!

 Child Consultation Center is job that responsibility that may control life is serious of small child if we take the wrong one judgment. In addition, caseworker comes into contact with family in Child Consultation Center earliest, and there is pressure as you must decide directionality of support. However, senior and the boss support well, and joy that is hard to change to anyone if we can have a glimpse of smile and growth of child whom oneself associated with is born on part which is short to me. Human being power is called into question as well as technique, experience, knowledge; is interesting; think that work, and work every day.
 Let's share worth doing of child welfare together by all means!

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