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Medical technologist

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Other than duties about life hygiene including on-the-spot inspection, instruction duties for examination of examination and inspection engine about promotion of food sanitation and drinking well, we engage in duties about health crisis management including infectious disease measures.

Main assignment

[central government office]
 Department of Health and Social Services
[branch office]
 Regional Administrative Headquarters (prefectural north, prefectural south, Amakusa), each Regional Promotion Bureau, Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Disability, Hospital Bureau

Story of the senior staff

Takamitsu Unokuchi 01        
               Takamitsu Unokuchi


 Assignment annual

 Belonging (name at the time of belonging)

 June, 2012 ...  Amakusa Regional Promotion Bureau (Amakusa public health center) hygiene Environment Division
 April, 2015 ...  Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Disability medical treatment part





Work in charge of now?

 We are in charge of clinical inspection duties in Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Disability.
 Other than blood test, urinalysis, we perform examination of menstruation such as brain waves, electrocardiogram. It inspects against various children, but it is very important "to rest quietly in bed" in inspecting. As there is much occasion contacting with children, we talk, if necessary, while seeing state and keep that by coping, children make environment that can be relieved with smile by all means when we contact in mind and work on duties.
 We give various tests as medical technologist, but treatment for patient changes by inspection data, too. Therefore it is necessary to give inspection data in accuracy to win as prompt as possible. We feel that we are engaged in duties that there is responsibility about future of patient every day.


Work that remains in impression until now?

Takamitsu Unokuchi 02
 It is to have been in charge of business six method-related duties when we worked in hygiene Environment Division of Amakusa public health center. Business six method-related duties watch authorization and hygiene of facilities such as hairdressing place, beauty place, cleaning place, inn, public bath, industrial promotion place.
 Duties itself was fresh because we did not know that there was permission in various facilities until we were in charge of duties. There was permission in facility which we used without oneself knowing and by clearing various standards, was kept sanitarily, but knowledge, experience to get by being engaged in the duties were fresh all. When we go around each facility by monitoring, we can hear various stories from proprietor and think that what local can be concerned with closely is attractive.

Reason that wanted to be prefectural officials?

 When we thought about own workplace, we thought that it would be either hospital duty or private inspection company first. However, as for hospital duty, many cases were worried about having possibilities to acquire only experience in one workplace. When it looked like it, we saw recruitment of prefectural officials and knew that we could be engaged in various duties. Through those duties, it was very attractive for me to be able to be concerned with life of many citizens of the prefecture closely in each the prefecture area. It is the best reason that can contribute to area while planning own skill up.

Charm and worth doing of prefectural officials?

 In the prefecture, we can load infectious disease and environment, sanitary knowledge, experience let alone being able to load inspection technology, experience as specialist job in hospital and inspection organization in the public health center. By having various experiences, width of own correspondence spreads and thinks that there is skill up. In addition, it is connected in worth doing in occasion conflicting with life of local people to be able to contribute so that a lot of makes area better more.


Atmosphere of the workplace?

Takamitsu Unokuchi 03
 Generally, we think that we often work in various places of the same type of job when we work, but often do and dotsutome of various types of job at the prefectural office. We can take advice from various knowledge, viewpoints when we talk with the boss and co-worker by oneself even if it is item considered to have difficulty with solution without holding alone to become better. It becomes kind and hears, and it is more a lot and is the workplace of atmosphere that it is easy to talk about. In addition, in Amakusa that was the first work location, a lot of young staff talked about private let alone consultation of job and went for fishing together, and interchange except duties was the workplace of fun atmosphere that there was, too.

Message to applicant!

 When we enter Kumamoto and begin to work, we do not know what kind of duties you are in charge of first in what work location. It may become business content unlike own duties that we imagined. However, in all workplaces, we think that experience that we show power to the maximum and got of oneself is made use of even in the former workplace which moved. We think that it is the best workplace in that wants to acquire various experience without being seized with limit called medical technologist.
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