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In Department of Health and Social Services, we engage in the infectious disease prevention and food sanitation-related duties, examination inspection, research duties about animal protection administrative task and *kensa, meal bird inspection, food poisoning.
In Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, we engage in stock raising hygiene prevention of epidemics duties, stock raising promotion duties, inspection, prevention of epidemics duties such as the outbreak prevention of livestock epidemic, test and research duties about domestic animal production.

Main assignment

[central government office]
 Department of Health and Social Services, Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
[branch office]
 Regional Administrative Headquarters (prefectural north, prefectural south, Amakusa), each Regional Promotion Bureau, Institute of Public-Health and Environmental Science, Meat Inspection Office, Livestock Hygiene Office, Agricultural Research Center, Prefectural Agricultural College

Of the senior staff talk; Vol.1

Ayaka Nojiri 01     
        Ayaka Nojiri


 Assignment annual


 April, 2014 ...  The examination for Meat Inspection Office Facility Planning Division




Work in charge of now?

 We are in charge of examination of *kensa and meal bird mainly. We inspect cow, pig, horse, chicken before eating flesh to send safe edible meat to table of consumers and are job to confirm the safety. In addition, we teach hygiene of abattoir to offer safer edible meat and, for consumers, perform enlightenment business about edible meat and food poisoning and work on duties from various directions.
 It is the workplace which there is not so much that contacts citizen of the prefecture, but our inspection is connected in health and food safety of consumers directly and feels that it is worthwhile job at all. In addition, of course we use veterinary medicine such as anatomy and pathology, livestock epidemic studies, parasitology, internal medicine compositely in one and *kensa of every day, and public health can make use of knowledge that we learned at university on the site enough. 

Work that remains in impression until now?

 It is enlightenment business to consumers.
 Shocked person comes when we explain process before domestic animal eating flesh. We surely think that there is little usual times which we are conscious of in life as edible meat was animal which lived until only a few minutes ago, and the spot done domestic animal gato * may be thing which does not want to see too much. However, we think that we may be informed thanks to meaning and food of by having you know the current situation, having life and perform this business. At first, it is felt that thought reached by person who looked away when we have impression "that felt that you must not neglect food", "we thought about having life again" and becomes glad.

Episode that had a hard time?

Ayaka Nojiri 02
 From last year, we study Salmonella which is food poisoning bacteria as research. As we studied Salmonella in college student days, we thought that it was possible for the continuance sometime, but we found a job and might say at the first year and were not able to readily say. We had you offer from section manager at the time "do you not try?" in such a case and were able to restart study. We made a plan of experiment by oneself and it was hard to test parallel to the normal business operations, but we had you cooperate with people of the circumference a lot and were able to gather up data. We are going to announce in two academic conferences in future.

Reason that wanted to be prefectural officials?

 As there were prefectural officials to relative, we have felt occupation called prefectural officials to imminent thing since childhood. In addition, we entered a school of higher grade in veterinarian subject and were interested in the field called public sanitation while we studied there and we felt charm and decided to make use of knowledge of veterinarian, and to be able to be concerned with a person's health to work as prefectural officials.


Charm and worth doing of prefectural officials?

 We think that attractive one of the prefectural officials is what we can approach from many aspects for big purpose. For example, as for us, inspection works for relief, purpose to provide safe edible meat, but with that alone relief cannot provide safe edible meat. At first, the staff of Livestock Hygiene Office brings up healthy domestic animal in cooperation with farmers, and we inspect safety of edible meat, and the staff of public health center teaches to retail store and restaurant about the hygienic handling of edible meat. In this way, we think that it is that it is possible that the staff and the person concerned cooperate and can approach from many aspects for one big purpose simply because it is big organization. In addition, it is connected for motivation and stimulation that I try hard at own post simply because there is the staff doing the best for the same purpose at other places.

Atmosphere of the workplace?

Ayaka Nojiri 03
 In Meat Inspection Office which I serve, veterinarian 21 people of regular staff member, Administrative Staff veterinarian 28 work. We are inexperienced, and there is often still me in the second year when we hesitate about judgment during inspection, but as reliable seniors come a lot, we receive support, and inspection works while talking. We are going to work hard at study every day early to become full-fledged, and to inspect like seniors, and to be able to work.

Message to applicant!

 As job of public employee is introduced to many divergences, it is often that duties that we do not expect occur. It may be tough, but knowledge deepens, and field of vision spreads out each time as it is necessary to study about the field. It feels that it is for the best oneself polishing to widen own possibility to challenge various things for positive attitude.
 In addition, we are the first, and, as for the work of veterinarian, remembering thinks doctor of animal hospital relieving life of animal whether there is many, but only animal treatment is not job of veterinarian. As well as animal kept as pet, animals of various circumstances including dog and cat taken over by domestic animal and public health center which are raised to make food are. Because animal and human being live together in society, prefectural officials can work including such animals. Work of public employee veterinarian is indispensable to keep a person's health though protect animal life again in large field of vision, think that is important at all.

Of the senior staff talk; Vol.2

Kohei Maebuchi 01     
        Kohei Maebuchi


 Assignment annual

 Belonging (name at the time of belonging)

 April, 2006 ...  Amakusa Livestock Hygiene Office
 April, 2009 ...  The northern part of a castle Livestock Hygiene Office
 April, 2010 ...  Central Livestock Hygiene Office
 April, 2014 ...  The northern part of a castle Livestock Hygiene Office
 April, 2015 ...  Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Livestock Division




Work in charge of now?

 We are in charge of duties about prevention of epidemics measures of livestock epidemics such as foot-and-mouth disease or bird flu.
 Outbreak continues in neighboring countries, and there are foot-and-mouth disease and bird flu in conditions with high invasion risk to the country. There is concern about large-scale outbreak of epidemic when we permit invasion of pathogen once and can invite social economic confusion. Therefore, it is job that there is great responsibility as for the outbreak prevention and the duties about prevention of spread of these epidemics and feels worth doing.

Work that remains in impression until now?

 Prevention of epidemics pertaining to highly pathogenic avian influenza that occurred in the prefecture of April, 2014 is to have coped. We were in charge of instructions of prevention of epidemics work as farm prevention of epidemics assistance in the outbreak farm.
 Own judgment was duty in feeling of strain that there was not of what we experienced to influence the quick nature of prevention of epidemics work and health, safety of worker directly. We prevent spread, and sense of relief when end declaration by the governor was accomplished remains in impression very much.
 In addition, we participated in the 10-day training that was Hokkaido for improvement in blood test diagnosis technology of cow for meat when we were in charge of inspection duties in central Livestock Hygiene Office. Afterwards, it could publish the training report that we gathered in academic conferences, and it was at opportunity when it felt own growth to have had you evaluate from the person concerned.

Reason that wanted to be prefectural officials?

Kohei Maebuchi 02
 In Nature represented in magnificent Aso, we wanted to be the prefecture while making use of knowledge that we learned at university because we wanted to be engaged in stock raising duties. In addition, it is one of the reasons that can have time with family enough at own time as various systems and welfare program including vacation are satisfying.

Charm and worth doing of prefectural officials?

 The training system is enriched and can polish knowledge of own specialized field if there are any motivations more and more. In addition, it makes use of knowledge of veterinarian, and it is attractive one that width that can play an active part including inspection duties and instruction duties, study duties is wide.

Message to applicant!

 Atmosphere of Livestock Hygiene Office which spent most of the past prefectural officials life was very warm. As the workplace of the prefecture can contact like family toward the staff, even as to duties is fantastic environment that even aspect of living can talk about with the neighborhood.
 Let's act together by all means in Kumamoto that is one of the best stock raising prefectures in the country proud of magnificent Nature!

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