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Police officer

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We engage in protection of personal life, body, property, prevention, the investigation of crime, arrest of suspect, the traffic instruction control, rescue operation at the time of disaster.

Main assignment

[central government office]
 The police headquarters
[branch office]
 Each police station

Of the senior staff talk; Vol.1

The senior staff (man) 01    
         The senior staff


 Assignment annual

 Belonging (name at the time of belonging)

 April, 2007 ...  Kumamoto police academy
 October, 2007 ...  Kumamoto south police office area section
 April, 2010 ...  Takamori police office area section
 April, 2013 ...  The Kumamoto Police headquarters crown side riot police




Work in charge of now?

 Riot police where I belong to arrest criminal and the search for a wanted man criminal of case by the investigation activity utilized mobility commencing with murder and robbery, criminal investigation at the first stage activity of important event including arson.
 We carry out questioning thoroughly for thing, suspicious individual to find out person who commits a crime like thing and criminal on the wanted list to hurry with case occurrence promptly in the spot, and to calculate criminal, and to arrest, and plans escape, and to arrest and feel worth doing in what we arrest.

Work that remains in impression until now?

The senior staff (man) 02
 It is criminal arrest of sexual crime case that occurred consecutively in the prefecture.
 As a result of discovering man who took a suspicious action such as following woman, and having questioned during late-night patrol, it was revealed that man was criminals such as forced obscene act cases that occurred consecutively in the prefecture and reached crime-solving.
 It was moment when we were able to realize that own work was connected directly with relief, security of citizen of the prefecture.
 If it was said, "we looked like God." from woman of victim, we got goose bumps.

Reason that wanted to be police officer?

 It is one, and what want to be engaged in job to contact with people of citizen of the prefecture in Kumamoto who was born and raised, and chose police officer in that reduces case, accident from the prefecture, and this is because it is safe, and it wanted to contribute to community improvement to be able to live for in peace.

Charm and worth doing of police officer?

 We were engaged in many cases, accidents since we were ordered Kumamoto officer, but there is not the same thing for one and keenly realizes difficulty of the police activity through daily duty.
 However, we feel worth doing of work in catching criminal and feel joy that is hard to change to anything else for words and smile of thanks from victim.
 In addition, it is good working environment of ventilation that it can talk about with anything, and it is attractive one that we may spend holiday with the whole family in private, and it is said with the good workplace of atmosphere.

What we keep in mind on working?

The senior staff (man) 03
 It is harmony solidarity with friend of the workplace, bond with family, health care of self.
 We serve for the making of good workplace of ventilation in the workplace and we value time to spend with family on holiday and modulate and work on duties. In addition, by not missing improvement in maintenance of physical strength by campaign for running, centralize all nerve in duties.

Message to applicant!

 We Kumamoto police officer is devoted every day to keep the peace and order of the prefecture in order to meet expectation and trust of citizen of the prefecture.
 For case, the accident extermination, let's commit pride and a sense of duty as Kumamoto police officer on chest together.


Of the senior staff talk; Vol.2

The senior staff (woman) 01    
         The senior staff


 Assignment annual

 Belonging (name at the time of belonging)

 April, 2013 ...  Kumamoto police academy
 October, 2013 ...  Kumamoto south police office area section
 April, 2015 ...  The Kumamoto Police headquarters crown side crime laboratory




Work in charge of now?

 We gather slight traces such as fingerprint and footprint, DNA of criminal left in the spot of crime and are job of "discernment" to calculate criminals from those information. Besides, we make portrait of criminal based on testimony from eyewitness and search missing person with police dog.
 Discernment work seems to be quiet and, in fact, it becomes clue of crime-solving and plays a big role in trial. Sense of accomplishment is big and feels worth doing you will walk where then, and where you touched what kind of thing criminal was thinking about at the time of crime here if information which it intended to be to criminal and thinks and gathered is connected for identification of criminal.

Work that remains in impression until now?

The senior staff (woman) 02
 When we alternated and worked, we received report, "husband disappeared." from grandmother of around 70 years old. Grandmother seemed to be looking for neighborhood alone all the time and we were exhausted and almost cried at any moment. When we were able to discover commencing with search in police car safely immediately, we were pleased to cry in two people.
 As for the disappearance case, delay of discovery affects life directly. In addition, for family of missing person, it could discover early in immeasurable one where it worried about, and it came to bring great pleasure for me that smile came back to having been able to follow command, looking family.

Reason that wanted to be prefectural officials?

 The reason why we wanted to be this work is that my father was police officer. We felt work called police officer close and have been proud of father who protected reliable living by our security above all since childhood. There is not so cool work elsewhere! From thought called this, nature and future dream became "police officer".
 It had anxiety to work as police officer, but feeling to want to protect admiration to police officer and Kumamoto who lived of family, friend was bigger and chose this way. 

Charm and worth doing of prefectural officials?

 Of course, worth doing of work is that we work for Kumamoto. We are proud of oneself being police officer very much when we think that we protect Kumamoto by own hand. We work hard at day's work by place that there was not of living if we do not do this work, encounter with various places of inhabitants carefully.

Atmosphere of the workplace?

 It is the workplace which overflowed in vigor. We challenge both work and play with every effort and enjoy with every effort. And we take a rest with every effort! When we are how strong-minded, we have a feeling that the atmosphere draws our power more and more.
 In addition, there may be male social image in the police organization, but in late years achievement of woman is demanded in which field, and the number of people of adoption increases, too. Woman is easy to work more and works on the making of working environment with worth doing.


What we keep in mind on working?

The senior staff (woman) 03
 We mind words and manner when we contact victim and the person concerned in particular. One of our words and expressions prevents you from always forgetting to have possibilities to save that we hurt victim.
 In addition, "we cannot do it" is taboo.
 It is natural not to be able to do it at the start. It is natural not to be able to learn if we do not do it. We think that, anyway, it is the best shortcut of growth that does anything without being afraid of failure.

Message to applicant!

 Please choose work that oneself can be proud of. Pride is the best driving force.
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