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Education Bureau High School Education Division
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We are in charge of the budget for Compulsory Education Division and financial statements, desk work of public funds, free distribution of textbooks salary desk work. 


Today's business content

 Person in charge of my working High School Education Division general affairs combines with High School Education Division, Compulsory Education Division, Section 3 of Special Needs Education Division, and I am in charge of budget, financial statements duties of Compulsory Education Division mainly.

 At first, we conducted affairs about original budget formation toward budget demand to begin in October today in 2016 of Compulsory Education Division.

 For solution of important issue demanded from rich mind, current school education including upbringing of reliable scholastic ability, we perform various business to expand education to bring up power that children live as emphasis target in Compulsory Education Division.

 We performed confirmation and advice that became contents of business that the business person in charge was considered for and the need, breakdown of expense, contents along budget guideline including resources to achieve these aims.
Duties scenery
 In addition, we performed the number of the demand for textbook report duties from the afternoon. Elementary school, junior high school, high school of all the prefecture, the number of the textbooks used in particular at support school in 2016 are reported, and, as for these duties, each municipality Board of Education reports them to Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology collectively.
 As adoption substitute of textbook for junior high school was carried out in 2015 in particular, about textbook adopted newly, we confirmed enough publisher name, textbook number, the title of a book and performed check that was elaborate so that there were not report leak and report mistake.
 The number of this demand report is important investigation to become grounds of textbook production, supply number of books, textbook to each school without trouble 
                     We felt that we took very important role in supplying.
                                                             (September 15)
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