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Working condition, welfare program

The last update date:
Working condition, welfare program of the Kumamoto staff is as follows.

1 salary


Salary (as of April 1, 2020 (Raiwa 2))

Type of examination

Starting salary

Graduation from university degree

188,700 yen

Private enterprises are targeted for experienced person

Around 242,400 yen

(when duties experience in private enterprises is aged around 30 years at the time of adoption in seven years)

Degree that is a graduate from high school

154,900 yen

Police officer A

212,100 yen

Police officer B

180,200 yen

※ Case with a history of duty such as educational background or private enterprise may be added according to the years of experience by constant standard.
※ Salary list of researcher, healthcare occupations is applied and, depending on the type of job, is different from said sum.


Medical treatment

Dependency allowance Child: 10,000 yen
Other than child: 6,500 yen
Taking up job leaving his family behind allowance Upper limit 100,000 yen
House allowance Upper limit 28,000 yen
Commutation allowance (use of traffic tool) Upper limit 42,800 yen

 ※ In addition, there are various allowances (end of period, diligent medical treatment, children's allowance).

 ※ Amount of money of mention is the upper limit. Amount of money varies according to conditions.


2 working hours

Working hours

From 8:30 to 17:15 (in principle) until Monday through Friday
 ※It may vary according to duty places partly.

   ※For the purpose of promotion of work-life balance, there is system of staggered office hours.


Complete five-day working week (Saturday and Sunday), holiday, New Year holidays (in principle)
 ※Day may vary according to duty places.


3 work location


・Central government office
・Regional Administrative Headquarters (Kumamoto-shi, Kikuchi-shi, Yatsushiro-shi, Amakusa-shi)
・Regional Promotion Bureau (Uki-shi, Mifune-machi, Tamana-shi, Yamaga-shi, Kikuchi-shi, Aso-shi, Yatsushiro-shi, Ashikita-machi, Hitoyoshi-shi, Amakusa-shi)
・Outside the prefecture office (Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka)
・Individual branch office (each site in prefecture)


※As for the prefecture plan of Regional Administrative Headquarters and Regional Promotion Bureau, please see this. 「Organization of the prefectural officeWith new window


※School administration (education desk work) Board of Education Secretariat, public school (prefectural school and municipalities village school except Kumamoto-shi)
※Police administration (the police desk work), police officer the police headquarters, police station


 We work in various departments such as branch offices such as each central government office section and Regional Administrative Headquarters, Regional Promotion Bureau.
 In addition, appointer may work at different department after the adoption.

4 promotion, assignment, transfer


In the case of administrative occupation (the governor bureau central government office) (as of April 1, 2019)

Figure of chart

 We assign to the wide field, workplace to acquire various experience after the entering the agency for around ten years, and to wear wide field of vision and knowledge, technique in the case of the governor bureau, and to discover new aptitude.
 Transfer cycle varies according to the types of job, but is almost degree for 3-5 years.


In the case of police officer

 About police officer, it is officer → Senior officer → Police sergeant → Assistant inspector → Inspector → Superintendent → We become senior superintendent of police and are based on fair fair promotion test.

 For more details, please see homepage of the Kumamoto Police headquarters. (The prefectural police HP With new window(external link))           


5 vacations

Annual vacation 20 days a year ※In the case of April 1 adoption, the adoption first year is 15th
Summer holidays 5th
Care leave While state to need care of person requiring nursing care continues, six months in total
Volunteer vacation 5th

 ※ In addition, there are various (sick leave, marriage leave) closure systems.


6 welfare program (in the case of the governor bureau)


 Main things of welfare program include cooperative association, loan from mutual aid society other than health care, the staff house, business about recreation.

Health care  We carry out health examination for personnels once a year and carry out the training for health promotion.
 In addition, we set up healthy support center in main government building and support maintenance, increase of health of the staff.
The staff house  13 houses (300) for household, 3 houses (128) for the single body are in the prefecture 5 district (Kumamoto-shi, Aso, Ashikita, Kuma, each area of Amakusa).
Cooperative association (※ 1)  We issue health insurance card (mutual aid union card) to the staff and perform necessary medical benefit for disease, injury. In addition, we perform loan such as house funds to payment and the staff of pension for the retirement of the staff.
 Furthermore, we install medical office in central government office and treat internal medicine mainly.
Mutual aid society (※ 2)  We perform loan for the purchase of supply, educational expenses and traffic tool of stipend such as hospitalization ex gratia payment or money of marriage celebration.


(※ 1) Group which performs health insurance and pension duties of staff who is union member
(※ 2) Group which performs business (mutual aid business, loan business) about increase of the welfare of staff who is member

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