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Internship information

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Prefectural government building
 In the prefecture, we carry out internship for the purpose of deepening understanding for providing opportunity for improvement of employment awareness through employment experience in the prefectural office to students and prefectural administration.
 Through school including university, application is necessary.
 For more details, please refer to department in charge.

The type of job

Eligible people

Effective time

Deadline for application


General engineering works (the field of general engineering works), building


University student

Higher vocational school student

From Monday, August 19

Until Friday, August 30
It is house, ten days of this
(except Saturday and Sunday)

Until Friday, June 21

Department of Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Administration Division
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Administration, general engineering works (the field of agriculture engineering works),

Agriculture, forestry, stock raising, fisheries, pharmacist

University student
(including graduate student)

From Monday, August 19

Until Friday, August 30

Of this house, two days, five days again

This is ten days

(except Saturday and Sunday)

[electronic application]       

Until Wednesday, June 26

[application document]

Until Thursday, June 27

Department of General Affairs Personnel Division

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Various committee Personnel Committee secretariat
Telephone: 096-333-2733
Fax: 096-387-4813
Email jinikoumu@pref.kumamoto.lg.jp
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The Kumamoto Personnel Committee secretariat
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