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Charm of Kumamoto

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What kind of what is 1 Kumamoto?

Kumamoto map

Map of Kumamoto

 Kumamoto of the Kyushu district is almost located in the center, and forest, about 20% are rich about 60% of prefectural soil naturally in agricultural land;, by the way, it is in the topography which was rich in beautiful landscape which there is the sea which there are "Amakusa" and mountain consisting of islands of big things and small things in in the west magnificent "Aso" having one of the world's largest calderas in the east in.
 We arrive by Shinkansen by air from Osaka from Tokyo, Haneda Airport in fastest 2 hours 58 minutes for about 1 hour 40 minutes and are unexpectedly near.
 Can enjoy both mountain and the sea, "only more bear comfort is the prefectures".

It is the prefecture of 2 KUMAMON.


(c)2010 Kumamoto KUMAMON

 PR character "KUMAMON" of Kumamoto.
 As Kumamoto sales manager and happy manager, we go on a business trip to each places of the whole country as well as Kumamoto, and ardent appeal is doing delicious thing and Nature of Kumamoto.
 We send smile and spirit to everybody!

3 is the prefecture where "eating" thing is delicious.

Red of Kumamoto
 There is delicious "red" such as tomato or watermelon proud of whole country's best amount of production from old days to Kumamoto known as "country of fire" a lot.
 Tomato which grew with clean water and dirt cow shining in green grassy plain of Aso are treasure of Kumamoto that the whole country can be proud of!

4 is the prefecture having abundant "idle" what.

SL Hitoyoshi cherry blossoms

SL Hitoyoshi

(Hisatsu Line/Kumamoto - Hitoyoshi)

 Hot spring kingdom where the source number of hot springs scatters in the prefecture as for 118 with the national fifth place as for Kumamoto.
 We can classify all hot springs of Kumamoto in nice "Bijin-no-Yu" "hot water of healing" "hot water of child" to woman.  
 In addition, pleasant tourist train binds sightseeing spot on behalf of Kumamoto together only by SL Hitoyoshi, asoboi, Take the 'A' Train being carried, and wakuwaku continues all the time to destination!

5 is the recommended prefecture "to live".

Kikuchi Valley

Kikuchi Valley (Kikuchi-shi)

 About 80% of water supply water source is filled with natural mineral water from groundwater (as for the national average about 20%) and faucet. Kumamoto is right "state of water"!
 In addition, average number of births per woman and average life expectancy of citizen of the prefecture are at high standard nationwide.
 House miyasusani may be proportional to this.

6 a lot of "learning" is a certain prefecture.

Kumamoto-jo Castle

Kumamoto-jo Castle

 One of the Japanese three people Castle, "Kumamoto-jo Castle." Neighborhood about five that Kiyomasa Kato got. It is 3km, magnificent castle for about 80 hectares.
 "Prince Kiyomasa stone wall" which is big features is called "protecting stones of samurai residences" and, with actual shape that warps so as to climb if we climb the top, is beautiful besides.
 In addition, in the prefecture, superior history and culture that are treasure of Kumamoto including Yachiyo seat of Aoi Aso-jinja Shrine (Hitoyoshi-shi) and country-designated important cultural property appointed to Mitsuike coal mine Mada well (Arao-shi) and triangle west Port registered with world's cultural heritage as "the Industrial Revolution inheritance of Meiji Japan" (Uki-shi), national treasure (Yamaga-shi) are hidden in each area.
 Do you not learn Higo Kumamoto by all means?

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