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We learn while working (personnel training, skill up)

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In the case of the governor bureau

 Improvement of staff each one is necessary to work as public employee lively, and to raise quality of work because citizens of the prefecture become "happiness".
 We improve skill (technique, ability) and mind (consciousness, mental attitude, motivation) of the staff through the substantial training system in Kumamoto and bring up human resources supporting the bright future of Kumamoto. 

The staff image that this prefecture seeks

Personnel training depending on career


The new hiring staff training

 We develop consciousness as prefectural officials and acquire basic knowledge, manner, manner. In addition, through the accommodation training, we cultivate feeling of solidarity and sense of cooperation between interns and learn importance of thinking in viewpoint of citizen of the prefecture through discussion by on-site experience and group work of the welfare.

The required training

 We support improvement of ability development, consciousness depending on the years of experience and official post and rank. For example, we divide the training for the new hiring staff into three times a year of the latter period at the middle in the first half year and carry out and still receive training at each stage in the tenth year in the seventh year in the fourth year.


The training, skill up image


We are reliable after the entering the agency! "shinsai trainer system"

shinsai trainer
 About anxiety of question and member of society life in work, each former senior staff assigned to responds to each new hiring staff as "shinsai trainer". By the system which we can feel free to contact, we support start of member of society life.
 Specifically, we mainly give an advice, and, based on training execution plan, trainer teaches process of basic work (postures to work on documentation, method of reporting, contacting and consultation, how to get, work of telephone), but supports them in the whole group.

The training system for skill up


 The choice training
(skill up course)

 We carry out the training that can choose desired course that each staff is independent and can perform ability development.

 We can learn skill necessary for oneself with a small number of people practically.
[course) of reference (2015]
 ・The making of presentation, plain material, problem discovery, solution to the problem
 ・fashiriteshon, duties improvement        ・Coaching
 ・Risk management, organization and a person's improvement seminar, manager seminar

 The specialized training

 We carry out the specialty training to plan tax practice and the welfare, technical knowledge necessary for duties accomplishment of each bureau including engineering works and the technical acquisition.

 The dispatch training

 For the purpose of altitude, exclusive knowledge and the technical acquisition, expansion of field of vision, we carry out the dispatch training to dispatch the staff to each country and Kyushu prefecture, graduate school.
[dispatch (2015)]
(1)Country (ministries and government offices)
 Cabinet Office, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
 Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the Forestry Agency, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
(2)Each Kyushu prefecture
 Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Miyazaki, Kagoshima
(3)Graduate schools
 The University of Tokyo public policy graduate school, Kumamoto Prefectural University Graduate School, Japan College of Social Work Graduate School, Local Autonomy College


(1)The training(3)The training

System to support challenge of the staff


Governor commendation "kabashimasho"

 For the purpose of "improvement to connect with maximization of quantity of citizen of the prefecture happiness in administrative services" and "motivation up of the staff", remarkable achievements such as solution to pending issue or improvement, reform of duties carry out "kabashimasho" where governor oneself commends the admitted staff.

Challenge spirits

Support project

(we dispatch foreign countries and receive training)

 They feature the theme of policy problem of prefectural government to support challenge of young person, the nucleus staff, and to plan expansion of international field of vision and improvement of ability for policy formation, and foreign countries dispatching the staff to foreign countries carry out the dispatch training.
 For dispatch (principle less than two weeks) to foreign countries, we support 800,000 yen per person.

Challenge spirits

Support project

(graduate school graduation support)

 We support graduation of graduate school to bring up the staff having high technical knowledge and skill through studies in conjunction with problems of prefectural government, and to plan improvement in ability of the staff with challenge will.
 For graduation, we support a half (upper limit 300,000 yen) of the tuition per person.

Challenge group

Support project

 We support the staff performing voluntary policy study, learning activity to bring up the staff working on own ability development and improvement in nature for posture to challenge for flexible idea daringly toward solution to problems of prefectural government.
 We are composed of more than three prefectural officials and, for a part of the activity expense of group moving into action other than the authorized working hours, support 200,000 yen (the upper limit) per 1 group.



Message from the staff using the training system!


Photograph of the face

 Hiroyuki Matsuzawa

Assignment annual

Belonging (name at the time of belonging)

April, 2008 ...

Tamana Area Promotion Bureau scenery Architecture Division

April, 2010 ...

Department of Civil Engineering Architecture Division building security promotion room

April, 2012 ...

Department of Civil Engineering Public Building and Maintenance Division

April, 2015 ...

Northern Kumamoto Administrative Headquarters landscape architecture Lesson 1


Summary and motive of the training system that we used?

Helsinki sanctuary

Helsinki sanctuary

 I set theme called "wooden building and possibility of conversion to learn from Finland" using challenge spirits support project (we dispatch foreign countries and receive training) and performed inspection investigation in Finland.
 This is because it thought Finnish wooden construction architecture going ahead through Japanese one step ahead to want to study to wear knowledge while the tree Creator of the community building is pushed forward based on "use of Kumamoto public facilities, public construction wood promotion basic policy" that this prefecture establishes so that staff oneself of Kumamoto that is forestry prefecture suggests to unilateral suggestion from drawing office not what we rely on.
 In addition, many buildings are dismantled while building after the war is appointed as important cultural property as deterioration and use disappeared, but it is performed routinely what conversion (use change) does old building in Europe and continues using. We learned the technique and wanted to convey history of Kumamoto through building in the next generation and performed inspection investigation.

The training contents which are left in impression?

Wooden building of free idea

Wooden building of free idea

 In Finland, we had inspection investigation of various wooden buildings and were able to learn wooden construction architecture of free idea.
 In addition, we realized importance of building trades and organization which performed information sharing between forestry in advancing large-scale wooden building.
Conversion from factory to court

Conversion from factory to court

 The conversion Helsinki City Hall where we pushed forward done facility, conversion did inspection investigation. Although social background was different from Japan, we learned importance that succeeded to culture from building and by having learned technique to perform conversion, was able to get effective information about management technique of public building in the future.

Change that we felt after the training? (points making use of in duties after the training)

 As wooden building, problem and process of conversion became clear, in the process of duties, feel that it became easy to push forward one step to new approach. In addition, we came to be more strongly conscious how own duties were related to policy of the prefecture, and it was possible for information sharing across the belonging with it was at various opportunities to announce result of the training and was able to realize importance that pushed forward policy of the related prefecture if others were belonging again as individual.

Charm and worth doing of prefectural officials?

 This training is so, but, as well as fixed form duties, is the workplace which can begin new thing from oneself. When we begin new thing, we make proposal, and there are many problems when we coordinate with related organizations, but a sense of fulfilment when we achieved that is bigger.
 In addition, we can feel how own duties spread to citizen of the prefecture and can feel worth doing as prefectural officials.

Message to applicant!

 We utilize the training system supporting personal challenge and will challenge that we make Kumamoto better more together!

In the case of the police headquarters

 The training system is substantial to bring up police personnel corresponding to the police activity in line with the times after police academy graduation.
 We have culture, the language study training, various professional training (detective appointment, white police motorcycle, crew of police car) at promotion, and chance of skill up is prepared for.

 For more details, please see homepage of the Kumamoto Police headquarters. The police headquarters welcome page >> With new window(external link)

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