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     North Makyuu
 Department of Planning and Development Planning Division food valley promotion room
[current business content]
 We are in charge of duties for administration of the Kumamoto prefecture south food valley promotion meeting secretariat and market expansion of the south area product of the prefecture.

Today's business content

Venue scenery

  For market expansion of product which proprietor of the south area of the prefecture produced, we invited the person in charge of two companies of Fukuoka to prefectural Southern Kumamoto Administrative Headquarters (Yatsushiro-shi) and established various places of company which there was of will and place that had a business talk individually for market expansion today.

13 companies including food manufacturer and person of agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry of the south area of the prefecture participate in this business talk party and, for 1 company around 30 minutes, have a talk with the company person in charge and perform business talk pertaining to future business.


Business talk scenery

Today's main duties attended place of business talk with performing progress management of business talk venue construction and business talk society in addition, and they performed grasp of needs what kind of thing the buyer side demanded.

We felt that it was necessary to develop products strategically what kind of layer the seller side targeted not it being said that the buyer side was merely popular because product to demand by consumers whom we targeted was different.

There was opinion, "company of Fukuoka and occasion that could have a business talk in hometown are very thankful" "wanted you to increase such opportunities more and more" from proprietor who participated. We feed back increasing opportunities of business talk in future and information that we got in addition in this business talk society in various places of each company and want to have you connect with future product development.                      (September 25)    

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