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 Police academy
[current business content]

 We are in charge of operation department training assistance and living guidance of woman student.



Today's business content

Completion expression 1

     8:00 staff morning gathering

   Rehearsal completion-style at 8:30

 10:30 completion type

 12:20 graduate seeing off

 13:30 venue tidying up and entering-style preparations

 The end of the 16:45 duty


 It was completion type of students who entered police academy again for the first designation repair department course culture today after being assigned to each police station, and experiencing duties in the front line.



Completion expression 2

   They are students who entered with expectation and expression filled with anxiety while cherry blossoms planted in police academy site in last April bloom.

   After having worn knowledge and skill, solidarity necessary to protect citizen of the prefecture and oneself on the site in police academy after group life in new dormitory for six months, we left for police station. Afterwards, we experienced 3-month duties on the site and expression grew up to police officer who followed security and relief of citizen of the prefecture bravely, too and came back to school.


   Student who graduated will further play an active part in the spot in future, and it is a pleasure to grow up to police officer representing the Kumamoto Prefectural Police.


 From April 1, adopter passes through the gate of police academy like them in April, 2016.

 We worked together in competition in classmates cooperation, each other who entered a school at the same time to police academy and thought that we wanted you to grow up to police officer who protected security and relief of citizen of the prefecture like them. (March 30)

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