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Mariko Yamaguchi

 Department of Environment and Residential Life Human Rights and Dowa Issue Division
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 We are in charge of public information for human rights enlightenment.


 ※We made this article in October, 2015.





Today's business content

Event preparations

  In Kumamoto-shi nobipuresu open space, we held human rights enlightenment street event today. We held this event for the purpose of deepening understanding and recognition of citizens of the prefecture for human rights, and pushed forward preparations from around April.

  Heartwarming mi of singer-songwriter Kenshiro and Aika on stage of venue from Kumamoto

 We performed pleasant stage of nikonsato and human rights enlightenment character "kokkoro" and KUMAMON of the prefecture.




Under event

 Besides, we had you arrive by contents to be able to enjoy toward the wide generations such as with parent and child from human rights enlightenment panel exhibition and adult including enlightenment material corner to child.

 It was declaration of intention message board, also known as people that was above all popular. We put message card on board, and one piece of big picture is completed when messages gather. It was completed before time, or it was worried, but it was good to have you participate in child casually as it was effective against pleasure such as puzzle saying "I put!".

 It was put a lot voice "that "there was thing which felt in heart" by questionnaire that we performed in venue and we put interest while telling with grandchildren at this opportunity and wanted to think" about and felt that this event was a chance to think about human rights delightfully. In addition, "please did your best!", and we became warmhearted, and it was for voice of nadono encouragement and thanks on 1st when we realized importance of feeling to be considerate of partner.   (October 31)                            

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