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Hiroko Izuno

 Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Rural Promotion Division
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 We are in charge of promotion of world agriculture inheritance of Aso.


 ※We made this article in January, 2016.






Today's business content

Milan World Exposition

 About promotion strategies of world agriculture inheritance and KUMAMON of Aso, we greeted visit corps that came to the inspection training from Taiwanese university today.

 Agriculture of Aso is authorized to world agriculture inheritance in May, 2013 by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and has exhibited in Milan international exhibition in October, 2015 and feels that a lot of inspection attracts attention from home and abroad.

 From thought that we wanted you to think that it was good to come to the training to want visit group that you came a long way to understand Kumamoto more deeply, we repeated adjustment of inspection contents, adjustment such as requests for correspondence to governor and relations section in various places and schedule of visit corps.



It supports inspection

 We explained on that day you utilized authorization at process, the present of value and authorization of world agriculture inheritance of Aso, and what kind of approach you performed. "We were interested about inflection of donation from company" from visit group, and opinion, "even Taiwan wanted to perform approach that valued way of thinking that agriculture protected scenery and biological diversity" appeared.

 KUMAMON, export of farm products, emigration domiciliation of young people, visit corps and most including shunoshien could exchange opinions with the cooperation of section concerned and, as well as world agriculture inheritance, were able to be pleased very much from visit corps. Will be continuous in future; wish that can interchange. (January 18)                   

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