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  Commencing with rescue, rescue operation in the disaster spot caused by earthquake and heavy rain, the mountains accident spot, we perform various activities about measures and the peace and order guard for emergency such as terrorism.

Today's business content

Diving training 1


 8:25 riot police morning gathering
 Cleaning in 8:30 vehicle check, unit
 Joint diving training with part firefighting of the 9:30 morning
 12:00 lunch break
 Joint diving training with part firefighting of the 13:30 afternoon
 The end of the training joint at 16:00, material withdrawal
 16:15 self study (each person training)
 17:00 15 funshurei, the end of the duty
 We carried out joint diving training with firefighting today.
 As for the training contents, part of the morning trains snorkeling, and part of the afternoon is scuba diving equipment training.
 Underwater work by diving activity is risk to lead to one mistake losing its life. Therefore we carry out training that stands, and assumed every spot including swimming training, accessories de-wearing training in the water, trouble exclusion training under no view and search training with heavy goods repeatedly.


Diving training 2


 Cooperation collaborates with extinguishing fire by various training including rescue, help training that always assumed large-scale disaster, terrorism coping training. By while each member worked together in competition for technical improvement, having carried out, today's joint diving training showed a stronger police and cooperation between members of firefighting even more in that.
 In this way, it faces training with feeling of strain every day as the riot police Ranger military unit where I belong to is the best corps of the prefectural police, and activity under the special environment where we cannot cope with is demanded in general police officers.
 We work hard at training every day to realize Kumamoto who can live on security in peace while social conditions become severe and, in what kind of difficult strong will and strong bond with friend to accomplish duty by all means on the site, want to accomplish duties.                                   (October 17)
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