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The senior staff

 The crime laboratory movement discernment group
[current business content]
  From the spot and record of crime, we gather fingerprint and footprint, DNA material using various technique.
 In addition, we create portrait based on testimony of eyewitness of crime and study the detection method of new discernment material.

Today's business content

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  It is succeeded at 7:30 by - attendance, member of last these affairs
  9:00 - theft case on-site discernment work  
  12:30 - lunch break
  Discernment work in 13:00 - theft case spot (two)
  We make documents in - headquarters at 17:00
  19:00 - dinner break
  Collection report making of 20:30 - DNA material
  Discernment work of 0:00 - obscenity case, portrait making
  We make documents in - headquarters at 2:00
  3:00 - nap
  7:00 - getting up, cleaning of work room
  It is checked case transfer, vehicle at 7:30 by member of - next these affairs
  8:30 - morning gathering, return
 ※ "These affairs" … Duty, three groups work by turns for 24 hours once in three days.
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 We went to three theft case spots and spot of late-night obscene case today.
 We looked hard at the details and hit work to consider continuous crime, and to face as theft case was close in each scene, and not to overlook small evidence either.
 We worked while distributing mind so that upset victim could talk by obscene case in peace.
 Movement discernment group where I belong to takes the duty system for 3 change 24 hours to cope with case to occur regardless of the night and day.
 We may feel the late-night spots to be hot, but, for early solution to case, challenge the spot for victim who is in trouble every day.                           (February 12)
(ID: 23547)
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