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Medical technologist

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Yuka Yoshida

 Amakusa Area Administrative Headquarters health welfare Environment Department (Amakusa public health center) Health Prevention Section
[current business content]

We are in charge of epidemiology investigation at the time of preventive enlightenment of infectious disease and outbreak and instruction of prevention of spread, HIV (AIDS), sexually transmitted disease measures business, appointment intractable disease medical expenses promotion services, atomic bomb exposed protection, vaccination, marrow offer applicant registration promotion business.


Today's business content

The inspection situation
  We carried out examination of HIV in the morning today.
  Is free of charge, and carry out examination of sexually transmitted disease for the purpose of prevention of infection prevention and spreads such as HIV at public health center in the prefecture; and just 
 Do. As for before inspection, enough consultations cope to dissolve anxiety and question of inspection applicant, is drawing blood, ken afterwards
 We performed until sa, notice of result. There are various reasons for opportunity when was going to be examined, to each one
 Correspondence that we snuggled up to is necessary.
The meeting situation
 We performed meeting of enlightenment material (leaflet, DVD) making of infectious disease that ixodid which we planned as infectious disease measures transmitted in the afternoon. We aim at completion while adopting opinions such as experts while modifying many times because the public will have intelligible contents. We think that the patients with infectious disease decrease alone by enlightening.
 Afterwards, we performed designated intractable disease medical expenses promotion services and atomic bomb exposed protection-related paperwork. Business content varies according to the days, and response to mass outbreak of norovirus and influenza in nursery schools may take 1 day.

 You face new problem every day at public health center, but help seniors or staff of medical institution of the workplace in various places where there is many              
                     We work on work while having.
                                                              (March 15)
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