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Photograph (photograph of the face)

The senior staff

 The traffic riot police
[current business content]
 We engage in the traffic instruction control mainly to board white police motorcycle and police car, and to reduce miserable traffic accident. In addition, we perform participation in various events to call for prevention of traffic accident and the guidance of marathon, duties such as traffic control. 

Today's business content

Photograph (white police motorcycle boarding 1)


   7:40 - attendance control preparations, vehicle check
   8:25 - morning gathering   
   9:10 - traffic instruction control leaves
   12:00 - kaesatai (lunch break, documents making)
   14:00 - traffic instruction control leaves
   16:00 - kaesataishoruisakunari, vehicle maintenance
   17:30 - dismissal from an office
   ※"Unit"…The traffic riot police
Photograph (white police motorcycle boarding 2)


 We commuted today in Kumamoto-shi center and instructed and supervised.
 In the Kumamoto city, violation to be connected directly with traffic accident as it was a lot was frequent in walker after there was much traffic.
 From violator and passerby, "do your best for road safety of Kumamoto." Voice to "want you to supervise more as this intersection was dangerous." was asked.

 It wants to hit duties with every effort to work hard at daily training as high driving technology is demanded from white police motorcycle member, and to reduce even one miserable traffic accident without loosening hand of the control.                        
                                         (July 9)
(ID: 25810)
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