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       Aoi Uchiyama
 Regional Development Division
[current business content]
 We are in charge of activity support of community improvement group in the prefecture and promotion of the north area of the prefecture.

Today's business content

The strategic meeting situation
 We attended at strategic meeting for community improvement by sightseeing held in Aso in the morning.
 We might say the first time this time and invited Shinichi Shimizu of Institute for Taisho University area plan as lecturer and had instruction advise about approach of community improvement of Aso area.
 Although we advance, after the Kumamoto earthquake, in the Aso area, as for the restoration such as infrastructure, tourism does not yet return to standard before earthquake.
 We recognized that it was necessary to cooperate in public and private sectors, and to work on sightseeing community improvement some other time to regain vigor before earthquake quickly in Aso territory that was the way half of revival.
The country meeting situation of fire
 We participated in meeting of network made in the afternoon in the country future of fire.
 Country future made network of fire is the prefecture where community improvement group more than 200 joins's greatest network. My job is by to support the network concerned, plan activation of community improvement activity in the prefecture.
 We discussed hot with various places of chairperson, vice-chairperson of network including the way of network and smooth administration method why you went community improvement of future Kumamoto.
 Local promotion does not have decided answer and correct answer and that is why thinks that it is the most important to listen to local opinion and on-site voice.
                      Adjustment with many people concerned may be great, but it always rises in viewpoint of citizen of the prefecture and can push forward work  
                     We keep yo in mind.
                                                             (September 13)
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