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Police officer

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Photograph (photograph of the face)

Senior police officer

 Kumamoto north Goshi police station
[current business content]
 In Kumamoto north Goshi station Goshi police box, we carry out initial various activities such as patrol and the actual situation grasp (patrol contact), emergency call to the police of local resident. 

Today's business content

Photograph (white police motorcycle boarding 1)


 8:30 - morning gathering (we inform of remits)
   9:00 - duty transfer, police box duty start
 10:00 - patrol contact (the actual situation grasp of local resident)
 Lunch takes a break at - police box at 12:00
 13:30 ... [emergency call to the police] jikogenjo*jo
 We carry out patrol of whole jurisdiction in - police car at 16:00
 Dinner takes a break at - police box at 18:00                                                                             
 We accept report of find and lost article in - police box at 18:30                                                                                          19:30 - traffic control conduct                                                                                                                                                                     22:00 - drinking inspection conduct
 We take a nap at police box for from 23:00 to 3:00 and take a break
   genjo*jo of 4:30 ... [emergency call to the police] inebriate
   We carry out patrol of whole jurisdiction in police car in cooperation with - adjacent police box at 6:00
   In front of in front of 7:00 - elementary and junior high school and police box guarding (children watch, and move into action)
   Environmental rearranging (cleaning) in 8:00 - police box
   We work and are finished after - duty transfer at 8:30
   ※In the police box, three groups work by duty by turns for 24 hours once in three days.
Photograph (white police motorcycle boarding 2)


                                                   Police box duties in local section are the types of job that there are many opportunities to interchange with local resident in correspondence with various cases.
 This time again of child watched, and carried out patrol activity mainly on activity, and many primary and secondary students did greetings, and took spirit in the figure.       
   By patrol contact, we had words of thanks saying "the police contribute to the fact that we could always live safely.".                       We always have pride and a sense of duty and want to try hard so that local residents can live in peace safely.    
                                        (July 19)
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