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Administration, general desk work

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Administration, general desk work

The Koga front
     Risako Koga
  Minamata Disease Health Care Affairs Division
[current business content] 
  We perform support of medical care, the welfare for to disseminate information, and patients with Minamata disease to be able to live a life in peace for promotion of right understanding about Minamata disease.

Today's duties

It is 1 during duties

 As part of Minamata disease enlightenment for high school, we visited high school in the city in the morning. This business has patients with Minamata disease or Minamata disease museum professional reciter actually visit school for the purpose of having you deepen right knowledge about Minamata disease and has you give a lecture.
 We had more than 200 high school students hear story of Minamata disease victim on that day. Lecturer who heard story was very impressive eagerly while it was hot.

It is 2 during duties

 We visited Minamata-shi social welfare corporation and performed meeting of business about securing of helper human resources in the afternoon. Lack of helper human resources becomes serious problem in Minamata, Ashikita area. Therefore, in the prefecture, we perform business for security of helper human resources as one of the support for elderly person and person with a disability including patients with Minamata disease, victim to be able to live at home a life in peace.
 By meeting, we performed talks about contents of flyer for the details and public information of operation this year.


 It becomes very important to think about what kind of support is necessary for the future while meeting various places and various places of Minamata, Ashikita area encountered damage of Minamata disease by work of Minamata Disease Health Care Affairs Division directly, and hearing story. We want to work on daily duties from now on to be able to live a life in peace in area while snuggling up to people encountered damage of Minamata disease.                                (September 24)
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