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General engineering works (general engineering works)

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  ※ We integrate "agriculture engineering works" with "general engineering works" from employment examination in 2018, and graduation from university degree recruits as "general engineering works" job.
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 Hiroshi Matsuzaki

 Amakusa Area Administrative Headquarters Department of Civil Engineering engineering works Lesson 1
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 We work on road maintenance of national highway to plan improvement in convenience of support to broad-based industry, sightseeing of Amakusa area, security of safe reliable traffic and everyday life of local resident.


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 Local survey of from 8:30 to 12:00 collapse point and meeting with design consultant
 From 13:00 to 17:30 intersection part construction method procedure meeting
 As for the main flow of road maintenance that I am in charge of, it is development of maintenance plan, conduct of local briefing session, surveying design, site negotiations, ordering of construction and supervision, inspection, maintenance. 

 Then we introduce my 1st.
 There was report, "slope that we dug collapsed" in the construction spot of road improved construction in charge of now and, in the morning of this day, went for the situation confirmation and the correspondence in the field. We decide angle of digging slope by type of soil and confirm stability of incline and, at the time of design, constructed at first, but do not often go according to the design in this way. In this case you confirm the field again and investigate cause and must examine measures method. In this spot, we took measures in response to advice from the boss and the senior staff immediately and were able to construct.

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 From the afternoon, we went for meeting of another road improved construction.
This construction makes new way in what that rose about 1m from the existing way. Therefore we are enough through vehicle on one side during laying earth on the ground construction period, and temporary suspension of traffic is necessary. In this way, it is necessary to undertake construction safely while securing traffic of vehicle on construction.

 After small way is completed, it is wide and goes, and it becomes cheap, and, as for the current duties, it is revealed remarkably and feels worth doing and sense of accomplishment, but road and bridge where we went to without question so far with that are made to realize importance of duties some other time whether so many various places were engaged before completion.             (September 17)
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