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 Amakusa Area Administrative Headquarters Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Marine Products Section
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 We are in charge of registration of fishing boat and fishing boat supplier, authorization of fishery.

Today's business content

It is 1 during Ikezaki duties
  We performed paperwork of fishery permission in the morning. In Kumamoto, we cannot run fishery that we used fishery yatakotsuboo using net and basket for if we do not receive permission of the governor. Fisherman submits application to Marine Products Section through fishermen's cooperative association belonging to to receive permission. Contents applied for do not have mistake or check documents whether are appropriate, and we call the person in charge of fishermen's cooperative association, and correction directs about necessary point if correction and confirmation are necessary. Application does not have defect and we accept if judged that we can admit and start procedure and issue permit.

It is 2 during Ikezaki duties

 We conducted affairs to measure ship in the afternoon. You must register ship to use for fishery as fishing boat. Registration of fishing boat needs, ship's name, the number of the horsepowers of engine, length, tonnage of ship. Tonnage is the well-thought capacity from numbers such as length, fuku, depth of ship. As tonnage cannot be decided if we do not actually measure ship, we go to shipyard and we measure the length of the constructed ship using tape measure and decide tonnage. When aggregate tonnage is decided, application of fishing boat registration is done by owner of ship, and fishing boat registration vote is issued.
 Duties that I am in charge of have many duties in office, but they may be about to go out for duties such as inspection of aggregate tonnage gauging and fishing boat and can load various experience.



                                                              (September 12)


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