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Yuki Kobushiro

 Kuma Area Promotion Bureau agriculture spread, promotion section
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   We are in charge of duties about security, upbringing of a variety of leading figures.


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The investigation situation
   Local patrol of Prefectural Agricultural College farmhouse dispatch training acceptance farmhouse prefectural for from 8:30 to 15:30
 Preparations for from 15:30 to 17:15 agriculture contest meet field examination
 We went around farmers (※ instruction agriculture person) who accepted the farmhouse dispatch training of prefectural Prefectural Agricultural College second grader on that day and performed confirmation of the training situation of student, exchange of opinions about leading figure upbringing.
 Student of Prefectural Agricultural College has not only person from farmhouse but also person from non-farmhouse. We tie student and local advanced farmers, and student stays at farmhouse and brings up next-generation leading figure who by learning management philosophy, cultivation technology, supports area agriculture.
The meeting situation
 After having come back from the field to government building, we performed preparations for agriculture contest meet field examination (schedule confirmation of the day, material preparations).
   It commends excellent person of agriculture, corporation, organization contributing to promotion, development of agriculture and local revitalization with agriculture contest meet and introduces the activity contents widely.
   We repeat approach, improvement for management, technical problem, and, anyway, as for the story of person of agriculture that thinks by oneself, and can act, passion is felt interestingly.
   Work of agriculture job is connected with person of agriculture directly in area with various charm and feels that it is attractive job to be able to be engaged in area agriculture promotion, next-generation leading figure upbringing.
※With instruction agriculture person: Practical instruction about improvement of farming, consultant of new agriculture worker
                                                                                                                                                                            (October 17)

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